Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seeing the Hand of the Lord

This past week was full of learning, hardship, and enduring. We are glad the week is over!

Wednesday started off great. We had a district meeting all about asking inspired questions. It was a good reminder to me of how important questions can be. They can either hinder your lesson, or bring the spirit even more. It was a great thing to practice and we have been excited to apply it in our teaching. 

The rest of the day however was long... The week before we went and met a potential in the area book, Ms.Kay. She loved the elders and was so sad when they never came back to see her. Well they were suppose to help her with remolding her trailer... so of course we volunteered to help her! And Wednesday was the day! We painted a wall, pulled up flooring, and laid more flooring. It was fun being able to help! But as we were working we realized that all of a sudden Ms. Kay was gone..She had left us to do it alone haha Okay! 

That evening our plans were really... not promising. So we went and spent time with the laurel class. We want to work more with the youth! Help them prepare for missions as well as help them share the gospel with their friends. 

Thursday and Friday we spent a lot of time doing our best to follow the spirit. We have had really good lessons set only to have the people cancel or not be there. It was really hard to stay focused and excited to go out to work when we didn't have set plans. But we were able to go out and teach a few lessons. Friday evening we really had no idea what to do so we called our district leader. He told us to go to a fast food place and secondhand preach, or find someone to talk to. We didn't have anything better to do so we tried it! We went to McDonalds and who was there?? Whitney! One of our investigators who we hadn't been able to see all week. It was so nice to see how Heavenly Father was mindful of us.

Saturday we started the day off at the Mardi Gras parade. It was fun to see all the floats and be with the Trussell family. They are always so nice to us. Every float throws beads and so everyone ends up with so many. Sister Bartch and I put all ours on the Christmas tree so we are decorated for Mardi Gras now! haha 

I wore tights to the parade that had this design on it. 
Well it was suppose to be cold... and was hot. 
My legs were facing the sun and I got a nice little tan. haha 

Sunday was a great day! They had an all South Eastern broadcast from Salt Lake. The talks were really good. About attending the temple, raising a righteous family, not comparing yourself to others, and living in the middle of the path instead of on the edge. They were really good talks! 

Although this week was hard we were able to see many instances of Heavenly Father looking out for us! I am so grateful for times when we turn more to Him for help and guidance. I wish I was better at doing that all the time! 

I hope y'all have a great week! Love y'all, Sister Kelly 

Our neighbors brought us sushi. 
 It was yummy!

Had fun with some sticky notes on the Sister's car

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