Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Teach Repentance and Baptism

Wednesday was a great day! We had the opportunity to watch a missionary broadcast that was shown to missionaries all over the world! They haven't done something like for the past 10 years so it was great to be able to know that Harrison and I got to watch the same thing as well as all missionaries! They taught everything from Preach My Gospel, of course, and they were all really good reminders. The focus was all about teaching repentance and baptism. Those two points can help anyone move forward. Whether we are repenting to prepare for baptism, or repenting to renew our convents and take the sacrament. They are two basic principles of the gospel that bless our lives. 

Thursday we had a meeting with President Olson, the zone leaders, and district leaders. Afterwards the zone leaders had interviews and we still had extra sticky notes so of course we covered their car. Just a friendly prank, right? Well the next morning we look outside to see our car covered in something.... Instant mashed potato flakes!! But it had rained so the flakes turned to this awkward paste. Not only the potatoes but we were also hit when we opened the door only to find a handful of toothpaste under each handle. When we went to the car wash the guy didn't know what to think haha Needless to say, we will be getting them back sometime this week.

Thursday evening we were at home eating dinner to hear the tornado sirens going off. So we grabbed what we could and went to hide out at the church. I am glad we are so close. It just rained a lot. Thankfully nothing happened. 

Friday was a weird day! A lot of our appointments fell through again and we were scrambling to think of things to do. We were about to go home to make phone calls when a name popped into my head. It was the Fuch family, less active, and the elders had tracted into them. We had gone by several times before and they have never been home. Well tonight they were! And sister Fuch's mom from Utah was in town! They let us in and we had a good discussion about family prayer. I hope they make it priority. She was willing to let us in but I am not sure how willing she will be to come back to church. At that moment though, I was so grateful for the spirit in leading us in our work!

The South knows what's up!

Saturday morning we worked at the thrift store again. We had really good gospel discussions with one of the workers, Vicki! It has been great to see how they open up more and more each time we come. 

That evening we decided that we were done waiting for Russell to get in contact with us so we went and stopped by. He told us that the only thing holding him back is his cigarettes.  They have been so hard for him to quit that he doesn't know if it's something he wants to keep trying. So we, for a time, have dropped him. He said he will let us know when he is ready to meet again. Please pray for him. His life could be so much better with the gospel. 

Sunday was a slow day. At the new year church changed to 11. It is the first time my whole mission not having church at 9 and it is weird to adjust to. We went out tracting and didn't even have to knock on a door to find who we were looking for. We got out and there was a man sitting outside on his porch. He called out, "Hey sisters." Hmm.... so we go over and find out that he had met with the sisters about 8 months back. He had recognized the car. I don't think he will progress, he has some mental health problems. But that morning he said he had been thinking of us and that he really needed a pick me up. The Lord doesn't always lead us to people who are ready to be baptized. But he leads us to those who are in need of Him. When we make ourselves available to be an instrument in the Lord's hands he will use us to bless the lives of others! 

I love y'all! Have a great week.

Love sister Kelly 

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