Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Things

 It is SO Green!!!

As I looked back through the week lots of things have changed. 

We were able to meet with Russell multiple times this week. He is doing well. He back slid with the smoking but recommitted to this again. We had a lesson on forgiveness and that the Lord always loves us. We just have to be willing to get back up and try again. He doesn't expect us to be perfect. He just expects us to try. The next night we went over and had dinner and then started a fast for him so he could have the strength to stop smoking. It was great. We didn't have a girl with us so we had to meet outside. Which would usually be terrible and cold. But they had a ton of fire wood and we live in Mississippi so you can make a fire wherever and whenever. So we made a fire, cooked some burgers,Russell burned his cigarettes, and then started our fast. Russell had never fasted before so we were really nervous. But he did it!! He fasted the whole time and hasn't smoked. 

He is really shy though and is still having a hard time being motivated to come to church. He knows that he is shy and wants to be more outgoing. So we are working on helping him make new friends his age that are good influences. Institute is every week and if we have an investigator with us we can go! So we are excited to start going to that with him.

Wednesday was just an off day. We had a missionary meeting with the whole zone that we had to teach. Everyone was in a weird mood and I couldn't focus on anything all day because I knew Harrison was going in to the MTC. Sister Bartsch was really nice and patient with me all day though. She was so kind and called Dede to see if we could come over. We went and watched one of the few movies we are allowed to watch as missionaries. It was so relaxing and nice to not have to really think about anything. 

 The Zone
All the Sisters in the Zone

We also started volunteering at a thrift store by our apartment. It is run through a local church so we have to be careful but it has been a great experience so far. All the people that work there are very religious so we have been able to have really good conversations. During companion study we were talking and wanted to pick a topic that we could bring up in conversation to make sure we were using our time wisely. We didn't want it to be way weird so we thought it would be good to just share our purpose with those we were working with. The Lord is so mindful of each of us! When we got there one of the first questions one of them asked us was all about our purpose! It was wonderful! We got to share exactly what we do as missionaries and how our message can bless their lives. It lead into a great conversation about doctrine. One of the ladies was talking about how other churches have all the branch offs. For example: There are Baptist over all. But then there are Southern Baptist or Missionary Baptist, or First Baptist. She thought that Mormons were the same. Southern Mormon and Missionary Mormon haha I knew all the other churches were that way but had never thought of our church being that way. We then got to bare testimony that our church was the same no matter where we went in the world. And how much comfort that brings me! Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be confused with all these different doctrines. But there is one teaching that fits all. 

Sunday was a great day! We have been working with less actives and investigators on a regular basis. On Sunday, 8 of the people we have been working with came to church! We have been trying to meet Whitney's boyfriend, Paris, all transfer. Sunday they just all showed up to church. Joel and Dede were both there. We have been working with Brittany and Forrest. Forrest is a less active and they finally came to church! Then we visit sister Curry and sister Hunt and they both came! Sister Hunt is great. She used to smoke alllll the time! One day we went over and she told us she had decided to stop. And she did! All by herself. Just like that. Ever since she has stopped, she has been to church twice, and has been able to spend more time with her daughter and grand kids! I love this gospel so much! It really does bless lives. 

To finish the week off we deep cleaned out apartment yesterday! We got rid of clutter, did all the laundry and dishes. Mopped, dusted, and threw away so much garbage!! It will be so nice to start the transfer off like this! 

We had so much garbage that this is 
how we took it to the garbage can 30 feet away. :)

I am so excited for the next 6 weeks. We have so much work to do and I can't wait to come even closer to my Savior. My ponderize verse this week is Alma 31:37-38. It is time to just go out and work! 

Love y'all! Have a great week! Sister Kelly 

 Cookies with the Tolberts
Funny Faces with the Boovers

Goodbye Elder Stanford :(

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