Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh Holy Night

Don't forget it

Our stake put on a very large production for the Christmas Holiday. They had members of the stake bring any nativities they had and set them up throughout the gym. They had over 200 nativities donated for the event. Then they decorated it all cute of course. A member in our ward owns a Christmas tree farm so he donated a ton of real trees that were all throughout the building. Most of the week we spent helping them set up. Friday and Saturday they held the event. The missionaries were the greeters/ security/ towns people. In the primary room they made it look like old Bethlehem and had actives for the kids. Throughout the evening they had musical performances. It was so pretty and I was glad we got to be a part of it. 

At the Christmas Tree farm

Sister Kelly and Sister Bartsch

All the Nativities

The last choir to perform was a mix of members from our church as well as a Methodist choir. The Methodist choir director has had a ton of experience and is good friends with Mack Wilberg. Because of it, he knows a lot about our church and has made it so our church is more accepted within the community. It was an amazing performance. 

Zac was able to come to the event Saturday night and stayed for the entire thing. He met a lot of members and reconnected with quite a few members. It seemed to be a really good experience for him. We were glad to see him there! One step closer to coming to church right?

We also started teaching Russell, he is 21. He is the nephew of a member in our ward. His grandfather was a member of the church and recently passed away. Before his passing he spoke to Russell about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It sparked his interest and we are now teaching him the discussions. He committed to be baptized on the 9th of January! We are really excited for him!

I love y'all! Hope you have a great week and know that your Savior loves you! #ASaviorisBorn

Sister Kelly 

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