Thursday, December 17, 2015

Elder Kopischke

Out tracting and there was a gentleman that wasn't interested in talking to us.  As we were leaving, his dogs followed us so we stopped and played with them because they were just so cute.

What a week! Monday was a great start to our week. We had dinner with an active family in our ward and a miracle occurred! They have a son in his 20's that has been less active. He has always left the house when the missionaries came over. In fact I had been to their house before and didn't even know he lived there. But he stayed this time! Not only did he stay for dinner but he had to leave to take their oldest daughter to practice and they didn't think he would come back until we had left. But he did! And he stayed for the lesson. It was really cool to see how happy his parents were. 

Wednesday was Zone Conference with Elder Kopischke. He is amazing. He spoke all about faith. He taught the faith cycle that changed my life! I have tried to explained it to multiple people and it just doesn't sound as exciting as he made it seem. But it was cool. He used Alma 32:27-29 to label the cycle (Which are some of my favorite scriptures). He spoke how we have to gain a desire to act, plant the seed, and experiment on God's word. That is our side of the cycle. We give everything we can to understand a topic or to accomplish something. Then the rest of the cycle it up to God. To enlighten, enlarge, then increase faith.  That is when the miracle happens! We are not responsible for the miracle so we shouldn't take the blame when it doesn't happen either. We have our agency to invite all we want and they have their agency to accept it or not. But if we don't use our agency then they can't use theirs. I hope that makes sense. But it was pretty amazing! I loved it. 

The Faith Cycle

Friday was MLC with Elder Kopischke. We reviewed everything that was talked about at zone conference and then applied it to the MLC. He has really good ideas. He put an emphasis on exchanges and my goal is to take them more seriously! His final request was that we come closer as an MLC. I liked that. Our mission is so large and so it makes it hard to be united but as the leaders come closer together then so will the mission. 

We haven't been able to meet with Zac since sister Hill left. 

Russell is doing well. We have been able to teach him twice this week. Thursday we taught him more of the plan of salvation. Sister Bartsch and I have been nervous that the only reason he was interested in the gospel was because he recently moved in with his uncle. But after this lesson and getting to know him better. He really has a desire to know and learn more. We taught him again on Sunday in the Humphrey's home.  They are a great family! We had dinner at their home last week and before we left Brother Humphrey asked if we were teaching anyone and if we could teach them in their home. So that was really cool! We taught him the rest of the Plan. All about the three kingdoms of glory. I love teaching about the wonderful hope that come from knowing the plan of salvation! It is so amazing. 

Our ward is so much fun! We had a Relief Society dinner Friday night and then the Ward Christmas party Saturday. It is always fun to come together as a ward and be involved. It reminds me so much of home and brings so much comfort. 

I am so grateful for the holiday season that we have to celebrate the birth of our Savior. He has given us so much and I am doing my best to give back to Him this year. I love y'all so much! and hope you can always remember what He has done for you. 

Love you. Sister Kelly 

I trained Sister Burgess who trained Sister Morris and Sister Golder

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