Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodbye Sister Hill

This last week of the transfer has been a lot of fun. Sister Hill and I had quite a bit of opportunities to teach, and we were able to get a lot done. 

We decorated for Christmas

We went on exchanges at the beginning of the week. I got to go with sister Garner, and that was a ton of fun! We went on exchanges when she was my STL and then we went with me being her STL. Kind of funny. The area is really tiny and out in the middle of nowhere. It reminded me a lot of New Boston. I miss that place. 

When we got home we went and taught Zac again. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he was having a hard time focusing. He kept asking lots of random questions. But it was really cool, he asked us if we believed that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers. Because of the experience we had with the lady while tracting the previous week we had gone and looked up scriptures in the Bible that defended that belief. The Lord was preparing us for Zac's questions! God really does know everything :) 

Afterwards we tried some potentials. We had met Adrian the week prior as well. She was busy cooking but let us in anyway. She had met with missionaries when she was 17. (Now she is in her 30's) She remembers reading the Book of Mormon and was willing to read from it again. It is always the best to watch how the Lord prepares His people. She had the cutest 2 year old son! We were sitting on the floor and he was just standing really close to me and would just stare. After about five minutes, without breaking a smile, he leaned down and gave me a hug. It was the cutest! 

My new friend

Thanksgiving was the best! It was such a relaxing day. We took our time getting ready. Had studies and then went to lunch with the huge Trussell family. Their extend family makes up about half of our ward. It was fun though! Lots of good food and it was fun to be around so many people. It reminded me a lot of being home and having everyone piled around each other. We went home took a nap. That was delightful. And then we tidied our apartment. That night we went out to see all the madness of the early black Friday shoppers. It was insane! We went to the mall, so for dinner we went to the food court and got Chinese food. It was delicious! 


Chinese at the Mall

Friday and Saturday we spent a lot of time tracting. But we finished again and only had to do 45 minutes on Sunday. It was a joyous day. While out we met an awesome girl named Santanna. What was so awesome about her... She let us in to share our message. We taught the Restoration and she recognized it as Godly. She told us that she could tell immediately that we were Christian. Because of it she was willing to listen to a message and read from the Book of Mormon. Again, the Lord is preparing people in every land. Alma 13: 24. 


Yesterday, Sister Hill and I enjoyed the day. She finished packing and we went out to lunch. That night we were able to teach Zac again. We teach him at his friend's house. The whole family was there and so we had a good family home evening. We watched the Restoration DVD.  I felt the spirit so strong. I love receiving the witness of the truth over and over again. Brother Norton shared his testimony and it was so good! It was a great lesson and I hope Zac is really listening to the spirit!

I am so grateful for this time of my mission and for this Christmas season! Don't forget to spread the joy wherever you go! 

Love you! Sister Erika Kelly 

District Meeting

Sister Kelly, Sister Hill, Elder Blair

Some missionaries were being disobedient so we tried to steal their tire...

That didn't work so we just took their license plate.  

Black Santa ho ho ho

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