Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dede got Baptised

So because this week is Thanksgiving, P-day is on Thanksgiving. But because the libraries will be closed that day we have time to email a bit today. So I don't have a ton of time. But here are the best parts of this week :) 

We were able to meet with Dede on Wednesday at the Tolbert's home. We taught about Priesthood and Auxiliaries and Eternal Marriage. It was a really good lesson. Dede basically taught us everything! She is such an amazing convert. Saturday was her baptism. It was so great! She was so ready to be baptized and Joel was able to baptize her. It has been fun to watch as the two of them have come closer to each other and to Christ at the same time! Dede is determined that they will be sealed in the Salt Lake temple a year from now. She says they are going to save all the money they were spending on coffee and cigarettes and other not good things so they will have plenty of money to go :) She is amazing!

Sis Hill, Dede, Sis Kelly

Joel, Dede, and Joel's daughter Kayleigh

Filling the font

Tracting this transfer has been a real struggle. Finding time to fit it in and having the determination to do it all. Especially when it is so ineffective here. But this week we did really well and got it done in a decent about of time. One of the last doors we knocked on yesterday a lady in her 20's came to the door. Right away we could tell that she wasn't extremely happy to see us there. She asked what church we were from and then asked if we could tell her who Jesus Christ was to us. Yes! we can! This is what we try to do everyday. We asked if we could say a prayer first and she refused. That set her off on her little speech about how she doesn't believe that we believe in the same Christ. It was a very powerful moment for sister Hill and I. It has been a long time since we both had someone attack our religion. And being two missionaries who had a decent amount of time behind us, could defend this church without any hesitation. The spirit was present as we spoke. And even though what we said could not change her opinion, it strengthened my testimony in the truthfulness of this gospel. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that He is my literal Father. That we lived with Him before this life and we have the opportunity to live with him again. I know that He loves me and is protecting me from the dangers of this world. I know that Jesus Christ is our brother. That he came to earth and died for my sins. I know that His gospel has been brought back in its fullness. And I am so grateful for the experiences that I have here to strengthen my testimony over and over again. 

I love y'all so much and hope you can always feel of the love that God has for you! 

Have a great week! Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

Ready for Christmas


Lookin' Classy for Tracting

These are all over the South

Our car is bossy!

The hidden trailer park of Narnia.  Most of the trailers
were creepy and empty so we left.

Mini Zone Conference

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