Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Moving and Cleaning

This first week has been full of cleaning and moving. Last transfer there was a set of elders and the sisters in the ward. But they closed down the elders area and we are the only set of missionaries in the ward. So we have a lot of area that neither of us have worked and we are really excited to see what will come from it. 

With them closing the elders area we had two apartments (the sisters apartment-old, elders apartment-new) and they let the sisters choose which apartment to be in. The elders apartment is directly behind the church and so we decided that we would move in there. That has been the majority of this past week. The elders left us a mess so we slept in the old apartment Tuesday and Wednesday night. 

Wednesday we had district meeting and then came directly back to clean the apartment. We spent the entire afternoon cleaning half of the kitchen.. there were dishes everywhere. We didn't know what was clean what was dirty. So we decided that we would clean everything. Cleaned all the dishes, wiped out all the cupboards, cleaned the microwave, cleaned out the fridge and freezer (it looked like some one had been killed in there), went through the food and decided to throw a lot of it away. The icing on the top was when we opened up the oven to see how gross it was and discover a pot of half eaten rice sitting inside of it. Why?? The bishop's wife was so nice and came over to help us clean. She offered to clean the bathrooms... what a saint! 

Thursday we wanted to be able to sleep in the new apartment and so we really spent time cleaning the upstairs. Oh! The kitchen, living room, a half bath, and the garage are downstairs. Then we have two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. It will be really nice when we have everything moved in, settled, and cleaned. Their study room had six desks... and we only need two. So we moved the ones we didn't need down to the garage and then cleaned that room as best as possible. We scrubbed baseboards, wiped down walls, got scuffs off of everything, because they were on everything, and vacuumed. It took forever and we were finally able to move our beds into that room. It was bigger, clean, and our window view is our church! The baseboards were probably the worst part because they never cleaned out the lint in the dryer. Well after awhile it just starts going all over the apartment, and that is exactly what happened! 

Other then everything else that I have already mentioned here are a few more things that we have found odd in our new apartment: holes in random places, the shower head not working correctly, the toilet paper holder broken, the towel rack not completely attached, mouse traps..., electric socket plates broken or missing, broken drawers, a chair that is covered in something sticky, finger prints everywhere, trash outside, and work out routines pinned all over the place. This experience has really helped sister hill and I realized just how different elders and sisters are! haha 

As crazy as all of this has been, it has been fun to move into a new apartment. Sister Hill and I have been able to get to know each other pretty well this week, we have had a lot of fun. We are excited to see what this transfer brings. Tomorrow morning the housing coordinators are coming to finish moving the big furniture. Then the plan is to finish cleaning and moving in so we can be fully focused on the work this week.

As far as the work, we are working with Dede and she is awesome! She is dating Joel, who was less active. They both have been coming to church and taking the lessons. She has had all the lessons and so now we just wait... why? Because they are living together and not married. BUT! They are working on it. This past week we were able to go to a members home and have a lesson with the two of them. We talked about faith and all the changes that Dede has already made to come closer to Christ. It was so neat to listen to her as she spoke. We then committed the both of them to pray about Dede being baptized on the 14th of November. Joel then piped up and said, "You know that means we have to get married before that." We smiled and said yes. They have been praying together and really trying to figure it out. Sunday they were both at church and Dede told us that she knows the church is true, and that she wants to be married. She just now has to wait for Joel to ask her. So now we have to work with Joel haha but please be praying for them to receive and answer together. Sister Hill and I are doing all we can to have her baptized in the month of November so we can contribute to our missions goal of 100 baptisms for the month of November. I know God can answer their questions. 

Because of all the cleaning and moving that we did this week, we had a lot of tracting to do on Sunday. Well it is has been raining here since Sunday morning and so we tracted for two hours in the rain.. Never a fun thing! Hopefully this week it doesn't rain as much as it is predicted to rain. That is never a fun thing to do! 

The ward is great! This is definitely the richest area i have served in. There are two large neighborhoods that have huge houses! We aren't allowed to tract there but a lot of members live there. We have been fed every night. It is so nice, not only because of the food but because it helps me get to know the ward quicker. I am excited to be here! 

This morning i started reading Alma 5 and found my first ponderize scripture! Alma 5:16. "I say unto you, can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, in that day: Come unto me ye blessed, for behold, your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth?" What a wonderful joy that would be to hear my Lord express those words to me. This is what I, and hope all of you, strive for. I know it is what Heavenly Father wants for you as well! 

I love you all and love this work. Hope you have a fabulous week!
Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

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