Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Goodbye Richland...Hello Oak Grove

Dear family! I am hoping I can fit everything in. The time limit is restricting. But i will do my best.

This last week in Richland went by too quickly. We had exchanges in Greenville, which are always fun. I love the sisters there and it is always fun to road trip! We had a zone meeting the next day and so we got to ride down to Clinton with the sisters. Zone meeting went really well. We talked about being united with God and how the depth of our conversion helps us to be more and more dedicated to the work. 

Me, Sister Mitchell, Elder Rankin

Carl is doing well. He is constantly being tempted to do what is wrong. He is surrounded by the wrong people at work but can't quit. Sometimes he gets discouraged. We taught about the strength that comes from keeping the commandments. We committed him to read the scriptures every night and promised that he would have added strength from that. He said it has been helping! Carl had also been worrying about not being ready to be baptized. So we brought him a teaching record that showed what we had taught and what we still needed to teach. That helped him understand and we set him with a baptism date of November 21st! I am so excited to see him progress and continue to put off the things of this world. My last night to see them we went by and taught about obedience. He just sat there and we could see the spirit working with him. He knows what he needs to do, now he just needs to do it. 
Sister Kelly, Ada, Carl

Saturday we had an activity with the youth. Except not a lot of youth showed up. But we went to the park and played kickball. That was fun for a bit but then i taught them how to play ultimate frisbee. and That was fun! The youth were wimps though and we kicked their butts. The sad part was that i woke up the next morning sorer then ever! I can't wait to be able to really work out. 

This week has been stressful knowing transfer calls were coming. Sister Dobbins and I had no clue as to what could happened. But I really wanted to stay and continue to teach Carl and be part of the ward. But Saturday while playing kickball we got the call and I got transferred to Oak Grove, Mississippi. It is in the Hattiesburg area and my companion is sister Hill! We are the sister training leaders still and I am excited to work with these sisters. 

Me and Sister Hill

Saying goodbye to people was really hard this time. I met some amazing families in the Florence ward and will definitely have to go back to visit. 
Bobbi Jean

Jean Cooper

The Smallwoods and the Shields

I know this is the work of the Lord and I am so excited to be in this new area! Love y'all!!
Sister Kelly 

Berry's: the most Christian buffet you'll ever see

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