Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Devil Dog

This was a week of ups, downs, and events that i will always remember.

We had the opportunity to meet with Mimi on Monday. Her husband is really against her joining the church and so she is struggling to know what to do. We shared 1 Nephi 3:7 and assured her that if she had the true desire to be baptized that the Lord would provide a way. We set up another lesson for Wednesday to give her a church tour. We had a member set up to be there and then Mimi called and dropped us :( Her husband thought that we were having her come to the church to get baptized and freaked out. So we aren't going to be able to see her anymore.. It was awful news. Keep her in your prayers please. She is also looking for a job right now. 

We were able to meet with Leighann a lot this week! She found my blog and has been reading it... Hello Leighann:) Love you! 
We taught a lot of the Plan and were able to answer lots of questions. When we taught her about Adam and Eve we were able to explain the reason behind why we were here. That it was always a plan for them to partake of the fruit. Such a precious truth that has been lost and i am so glad has been restored! We are doing our best to get members there so that she can have good friends to be around! She needs some good Mormon friends ;) This weekend was Stake Conference and she came to the Saturday and Sunday sessions! After the Saturday evening session there were a handful of people that she knew from other wards that came up and talked to her! That was really good. She has support in more than just our ward. Before the Saturday session we went to her house, got ready, and then went to dinner. It was a lot of fun to go out again!

On Friday we went tracting and met a lady named Veeta! She is a nice older lady. She let us in and we were able to teach her. But for the whole 40 minutes we were there her annoying chihuahua yapped at us! When we got up to leave the lady wanted to show us her backyard. As i was following her out the dumb dog jumped up and BIT ME! I didn't realize it at first and i turned around and it bit my ankle! I was so mad! I wouldn't let it be behind me again and so it wouldn't do anything. As we left if bit sister Garry's ankle too. We have a return appointment and we are going to ask if she puts the dog outside or something. 

Grr. Dumb Dog!

The weather this past week was over cast and so tracting wasn't terrible hot. On Sunday we went out and only had thirty minutes left of tracting. When we only had 5 minutes left there was a guy outside his house that called us over. We went to talk to him. He gave us water and then invited us inside. His wife was there too so we went up and just talked to them for a bit. He kept saying he didn't know why but he felt impressed to call us over to talk. They were a baptist couple who loved their church. They shared their testimonies with us and we with them. We were able to share the entire Restoration lesson. The spirit was reallly strong! I don't think i have ever taught a lesson tracting with more spirit. We invited them to read from the Book of Mormon and they declined it. It was so sad to watch as this couple felt the spirit and then denied it. The husband was emotional and i think would have taken it if his wife hadn't of been there. They were still very nice and it breaks my heart that they rejected the message. My heart was broken afterwards. I just pray that they will come in contact with the missionaries again and that they will be more open to the message. 

Stake Conference was really great! It was so good to hear so many wonderful people speak. Including President and Sister McDonough. It was their last time speaking and I was so lucky to be able to be there for it. We said goodbye to them yesterday. It was so sad to say goodbye but know that they have more to do back home. I am so appreciative for all they have done. President and Sister Olsen get her on Thursday and we will be able to meet them next Tuesday. Can't wait!

Good-bye McDonough :(

Like every week, this gospel is AMAZING. and i am so grateful for my Savior. I love yall, thanks for everything. Stay safe, and have a wonderful Fourth of July! Party hard for me :) 

Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

This door is on the second floor of this house.  
The sign i'm pointing to shows the Katrina water level!

Sister Kelly and Sister Garry
We have so much fun together!

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