Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday 'Merica!!

Well i can't believe that this transfer is already half way over.. It keeps getting faster and faster.

I started the week off in Slidell Louisiana for an exchange. It was fun to be working in a different area. I love being able to see so many different parts of the mission. The sisters are doing well and i love being able to watch as they help their investigators progress. 

We met with Leighann twice this week. Wednesday she taught us about keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was good to see what she found. We really want her to be able to do her studies on her own and hopefully that helped. 
Leighann has been doing well at not drinking. We didn't ask her to stop, one day she just mentioned that she had. We were talking about it and she expressed that it was really hard just because it was something she couldn't do. She had some alcohol in the freezer. To get rid of the temptation she dumped it down the drain. I think we had more fun then she thought was necessary but we loved it!
Thursday night we went with her to a member's house. It was great! We had dinner and then taught about the spirit world. It was good to help her know more of the members so when we leave it won't be as big of a sting. 
She is out of town with her family so we won't see her this week. Which is okay because we wouldn't be able to visit her anyway. Our week is going to be crazy! 

The Fourth of July was so much fun! The day was long because everyone was out and busy. But sister Garry and I went and bought a watermelon and then some hamburgers. We had a little picnic on the balcony, it was perfect overcast weather! Then that night Waveland had a big celebration. They were heavily effected by Hurricane Katrina and haven't had a firework show since then. One of the residents wrote into a company, Distance America. They sponsor celebrations and the story won the contest. So they came and threw a big 4th of July celebration. They had lots of free stuff, live music, and then a huge firework show. It was great! We could go down and had the opportunity to talk with lots of people while still enjoying ourselves. It was a lot of fun! 

Sunday was a great day! I love the opportunity to take the sacrament each week. I have really been trying to make it a spiritual experience each time i take it. In our stake conference our stake president spoke all about partaking of the sacrament. He asked, "What was the most memorable sacrament you have had?" It really made me think. And then he said, "The most memorable sacrament should be last week." We should make sacrament meeting so special every single week. So i have really been trying to prepare starting that morning and i really like the difference it makes. 

But this week was extra special because of it being fast Sunday. Sister Garry and I had no new investigators for the week and were having a hard time being focused on the work. So that is what we fasted for! Help to find people and using our time more wisely. Well we did really well yesterday. We found three new people to teach. I especially want to tell you about Milton and Willie. They are an older couple. We were walking up to their door and we could hear a dog growling at us. We couldn't really see it at first and then it came out from behind the car. Well, after my experience last week, and the fact that I'm not comfortable around dogs as it is, i backed off. Sister Garry just stood there and it started barking at us. Waiting for sister Garry to decide what to do the owner, Milton, came outside to see what was up. He told us that his dog was in training to be a K9 dog. Soo glad i backed up! But anyway, we started talking to him about the church and he was awesome! He loves history and Jesus Christ. We explained the Book of Mormon to him. When we asked if he would read it he didn't hesitate to answer yes! He brought up Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. He believes they were inspired of God and thinks highly of them. That was rare! Sister Garry's parents had sent her some copies of the Book of Mormon with their testimonies in it for her birthday. She had one in the car and she wanted to give him one of them. So we ran to get it. When we got back his wife was also outside. We got to talk to her and they both were excited to read it. We are going back in a week to see if they liked it! 

I am so grateful for the week we had! This upcoming week is going to be so busy! Zone conference tomorrow so we can meet our mission president! Wednesday we are going to Biloxi for an exchange. Thursday going to Ocean Springs for an exchange and ending that day with a stake meeting. Friday and Saturday we will be in Jackson for MLC! It will be great! 

I love you all! And hope you have a fabulous week:) Don't forget your Savior in all you do . 

LOVE YOU, Sister Erika Kelly 

My Companion thinks she is funny!

Sister Garry gave me a trim.

Gotta love parks in the South!!

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