Monday, June 22, 2015

Another week done...

wow... i have been staring at this screen for probably 15 minutes and haven't written anything yet.. 

Sister Garry and Sister Kelly


Transfer day was a lot of fun! We played basketball and volleyball. Sister Garry and I were so sore for the next few days. But it was so nice to be able to really work out again. I miss it!

That night we went and taught Mimi with her husband. That was really fun, her husband is blind and not a big fan of the church but we had a good discussion with the both of them. I think i have told you this but Mimi plays the piano for a bunch of different churches so before we left we sang a bunch of gospel music with her! It was the best. 

Lieghann is doing great! We have been teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and answering (or at least trying to) her questions. We focused on God being our loving Heavenly Father and the war in heaven. I love knowing that God has a plan for us. That we can pray and know what He would have us to do. He wants to help us, we just have to ask. It is also comforting to me to know that I choose to be here! I made the decision and i better make the best of it. It was fun to teach Leighann. She came to church on Sunday and really is doing her best to live the commandments. She is amazing! 

Sunday was a really great day! First of all it was Fathers day, and I LOVE my Father! Thanks for all you do Dad :)
Second, church was really good. Leighann really enjoyed it and felt the spirit. She felt like they were really talking to her. She is starting to see the blessings that come from living the gospel. The closing song in sacrament was "Lord I will Follow Thee". We looked over she said, "That was a really good song. It really touched me." Moments like that is what makes me love being a missionary! 

Then after church we met up with our Zone Leaders, Elder Kamya and Elder Hainsworth, and drove an hour and a half to a mini MLC in Hattiesburg. The freeway was shut down and so we were about 40 minutes late but it was still really good! The spirit was so strong. We talked about how we can help our missionaries stay focused through the mission President change. President and Sister Olsen will be here next Wednesday! But we read two instances in the scriptures. The first about Nephi and his people. They were righteous and dedicated. Nephi bares a wonderful testimony about our Savior before he dies. But the people were more focused on Nephi then on Christ and eventually fall away. (Jacob 1:10-11,15) The second was about King Benjamin and his people. They were also righteous and just like Nephi, King Benjamin bares testimony before he dies. But the people of King Benjamin stay righteous because as much as they love King Benjamin the love the Lord more and stay focused on Christ. (Mosiah 6:2,6-7) It was such a good reminder especially as the mission presidents are changing. But i know this is the Lord's work and we need to stay focused on Him. 

I love this church and I love being able to share the gospel. Hope y'all have a fabulous week. 

Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

Zone Conference

Golfing a couple of weeks ago.

Creepy sign we found.  
This area was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and never rebuilt.

Playin' with kids from the ward.  
Makes me miss Tess.

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