Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So Many Wonderful People

This week has been full of wonderful things! 

I am kneeling in this picture and this woman is standing next to me!  What?!

Mimi is doing really well. She really studies the chapters that we leave her to read and then applies them to her life! This past week we walked down to the beach with her and then taught her on the beach, that was really fun! We taught the restoration and she just loved it. We also talked a lot about why the proper authority is so important! At the end of the lesson she said, "Okay what do i need to do to be baptized?" We are meeting with her tonight! It was also cool, she has had a hard time finding a job. Well a few weeks earlier we were in Slidell talking to a senior sister missionary who works in the employment office. She gave us some of her cards and so i had them in my bag. I was able to give one to Mimi. Well this morning when we met at the church to send the missionaries being transferred off all of a sudden i see Mimi! She had called the lady and they were meeting in Gulfport today for a training. I love how many programs the church has! 

Transfer Point

Leighann is doing good! We love her so much. She has a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation. We are going to teach her that this up coming week and i am really excited. The Plan brings so much peace into people's lives. She feels like she has been struggling to feel the spirit, so yesterday we taught her how to recognize it more. The spirit is testifying to her that this is true she just doesn't know if it's the spirit yet. But our meeting with her yesterday went really well! She told us that she feels like this is right. She just doesn't have a testimony of it yet.

We also taught Greg the Plan of Salvation. He is interesting.. He always does the reading, in fact he asks for it. But whenever we ask him a question he gives us a really general answer. We had a member come with us to the lesson yesterday and it went really well! She brought her little girl and testified of how her little girl is a motivator to do what is right. Greg has a little girl himself and I think it made him think. He just needs to pray about it. 

Prayer is such a big deal! That is something that i have really noticed this past week. All of the people we are teaching are wanting to know the truth but for some reason they all have trouble praying about it. It is so important to search the scriptures and pray for yourself and then ask "man". Because mans answer won't be a lasting satisfaction.  Matthew 16:13-17

Zone Conference was this past week as well. I LOVE zone conference! it is so fun to be around all the missionaries and see President and sister McDonough. We talked about how we can help our investigators progress. We have to help them understand the basics and have them search for their answers by themselves. When we give them all the answers then they won't gain a lasting testimony. 
It was President and Sister McDonough's last zone conference, that was really sad. The new President gets here July 2. We all got to take pictures with them and got to give both of them a hug. It was the best! Felt like i was hugging my dad. (So that made me miss my dad.. haha but it was good)

Zone Conference

Good bye McDonough's  :(

I am so grateful for this gospel and the peace that it brings into my life. I wish everyone would listen to it. I know the Book of Mormon is true and i know that without out it we are missing parts of the puzzle. I hope y'all know how much your Father in Heaven loves you. He will always be there for your, His hand is always there. He is just waiting for us to allow Him to help. 

Love y'all, and thank your for the love and prayers. Sister Erika Kelly 

My long lost cousin? Elder Hatch!

Good bye Elder Boehme

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