Monday, June 8, 2015

What a Great Week!

What a great week! 

District Meeting

On Monday we taught Mimi for the second time. She had studied the chapter we had given her (3 Nephi 11) and was really prepared. We had a great discussion about how the spirit talks with us and that we need to be prepared. She committed to work to be baptized on the 11 of July.

We have been working with Leighann every day this past week. She is the less active that the ward asked us to go see. She is amazing. She is really doing what she can to receive an answer about the truth. She has a lot of great questions and i LOVE answering people's questions.  
Leighann is dating a guy who is Catholic and he was home on Wednesday. we taught them the Restoration. He was very kind and listened but he wouldn't read from the Book of Mormon or pray. And we respected that. But then we were talking to Leighann and he had read the introduction because he was interested. We are going golfing with them today, so he is opening up more and more! 

When we first met Leighann she had told us that we could teach her but that she didn't want to come to church until she felt ready. Well we had talked about inviting her to church but were nervous because of what she said. But when we were teaching her on Friday she invited herself! She came to church with her younger sister and stayed the full three hours! It was so great to have someone in church. 

Leighann & her sister, Sister Garry, Sister Kelly at church

Wednesday we were able to meet with Greg. We met him and his mom the week before. When we first got there he handed us the Book of Mormon back like he didn't want to really talk. Well we kept talking to him and eventually he let us teach him a lesson. By the end he was interested, especially about eternal families. He has a little girl! He committed to read and pray about another chapter in the Book of Mormon and is going to try to come to church this upcoming Sunday.

This is Brooke, she is the daughter of one of the members.

TVs while tracting

Last thing i want to talk about it how Heavenly Father know us all individually. We have been trying to work really hard with the members. We had a lesson all set up and a member to come with us. It was finally working, and then that morning our appointment cancelled. I was so frustrated. I felt like we were doing all that we could and things still weren't working out. As we were sitting in the car thinking of what to do the thought came to my head, "You can't do this by yourself. You need my help. Just trust me." It was a good reminder that this is God's work, not mine. We still went out with that member and got to teach a lesson while we were teaching less actives. 

I know that this is the truth. I know that Christ is the head of this church! He loves us individually. Thank you for everything y'all do for me! 

Love you, Sister Kelly 

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