Monday, June 1, 2015

Slow but Great

Hello everyone :)

I love this girl!  Sis Kelly & Sis Garry

The past week has been great! The beginning of the week was slow and we were struggling to find people.  We were going through formers about a week ago and came across this lady we thought was solid! We gave her a call but her number didn't work anymore. We put it on the table and didn't think anything else about it. Later that week we found a new street in our area we hadn't tracted. Well that is where that lady lived! We are starting to teach her again. We are going to see her tonight with a member!

We have been meeting with a less active. Her name is India, she was baptized about a year ago. She has a lot of medical challenges and that kept her coming to church. Sister Hartley and I had tried to contact her but she was just really bitter. But she reached out to the missionaries and we have met with her twice. She is great! Really wants to know the truth and it willing to work for it.

On Saturday we were working in Diamondhead and felt like we should try a less active. She lived out in the middle of nowhere but we finally found her house. Well we go up to the house and it was who we were looking for, kind of. We had the right name, and house but she claims to of never been baptized or even met with missionaries before. So we are working on figuring out the background story to that. 

My favorite story of the week happened yesterday. We were out tracting and we were walking up to these two houses. They were all outside hanging out. I just generally asked if we could talk to them and one lady was very against us. She kept saying things and told us to leave. Her niece was sitting next to her and told her to stop! She came down and talked to us. She wanted a Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her next week! It was great. 

Well,  i love you! Don't forget who loves you most, Heavenly Father! He knows best. 

Sister Erika Kelly 

Erika's favorite cake!  The Elders made this for her half way mark and for Sis Garry's birthday.

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