Monday, June 1, 2015

Hump Day May 25th

A great week has again passed. 

Just hit the half way mark!!! 

My favorite experience this past week happened when we were able to reach out to a less active. Every week our ward mission leader gives us some names of less actives that he would like us to visit. The first week that Sister Garry and I were together he asked us to go visit a younger sister in our area. Her name is Leighann. Her first reaction to us wasn't the best. She actually told us that she didn't want to be Mormon any more and was studying to become Catholic. Well we kept talking to her and eventually she let us in her house. We talked for a good 30 minutes and then she said that she would love to have us teach her the lessons. She said she isn't ready for church but that she doesn't know a whole lot and so she wants to be taught. She said, "something keeps pulling me back to the Mormon church." Well yesterday we had the impression to just call and see how she was doing. She was fine and we had a good conversation with her. We confirmed our next appointment, gave her some scriptures to read, and that was the end of the conversation. About 30 minutes later she called us back and asked if we could meet up and talk. We were on our way home to eat dinner and so we asked if she had eaten yet. She hadn't so we met up at Popeyes and had dinner and talked. Her and her brother had just got into a fight and she said the first thought she had was to call the missionaries. She also said that she has been singing primary songs ever since we had come by. It was really good to visit with her and I know that we were able to establish a good relationship with her. She has a lot of really good questions and we are both excited to help her to understand the wonderful truths of this gospel.

We also had our interviews with President McDonough. It was the last interview that I will have with him as my mission president and that was really sad. But he kept a folder with what talked about every interview and he gave that to me. It was really cool to go through and see the changes i have made since the beginning of the mission. 

To finish my email i want to share a cool experience that Sister Garry and I had at the end of the week. We have really been struggling to find solid people to teach. We decided that we would fast this past Sunday. Our very last door we knocked on that day we found a lady who let us in and let us teach her. She was so excited to here our message and said, "I can tell that y'all aren't alone. You have someone else with you. This has to be true." We left her with a Book of Mormon and she said she would be at church. I know that the power of the fast works. And even if things with that lady don't work out. I know that it was God letting us know that he is looking out for us. 

We also are going to start asking families to pray about a date that they can have a less active or non member in their home to listen to the missionary discussions. We are really hoping this works.

I love you all. Hope you have a great memorial day!! Dont forget that Heavenly Father always loves. 



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