Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sister Burgess and I have so much fun!

This week has been crazy! The week of transfers is always a little rough but it picked up towards the end. Sister Burgess and I have a lot of fun together! I am so excited for the next few weeks to work with her. She came pre-trained! She is an awesome missionary.

This week we have been trying to figure everything out together. The mission took the car back on Wednesday and I know nothing about our biking area. It has been quite the adventure. But we have found quite a few people to teach and i am really excited to see if they really wanted to be dedicated to the wonderful way of life. 

Not much has changed with our investigators but they are all doing well. Eduardo and Estefany were at church again Sunday and I know they feel of the spirit when they come. They have been coming to the first two hours of church and we are hoping to commit them to come to all three hours next week. 

Brother Bibbes is still doing well, we just need him to accept that everything he thinks to be true isn't true. But we are working on it :)

I love training. It is more of just like having fun. The other day Sister Burgess' front tire on her bike popped. She brushed her teeth with hydrocortizone on accident hahaha She doesn't cry either. We met an awesome family. I love being a missionary.

This church is true and i love being able to share it with those around me! 

Love you all, Sister Erika Kelly 

 Out tracting and met this cute little girl

Emailing on P-Day at the church

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