Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Training her up right...

Alright so I know that past two emails have been really short. I am going to try and make up for it this week. 

Who doesn't have the Ten Commandments in their yard?!

Eduardo and Estefany are doing really well. This past week we met with them twice. The first time we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. What we should and shouldn't do and then committed them to come to all three hours of church. They accepted to come this week but not every week. That is the day that Estefany gets everything done so she had a hard time wanting to fully commit. They did come to all three hours and i believe it went really well. We were suppose to meet with them again this evening but the weather is suppose to be really bad and so they don't want to come out. The other time we met with them we had a member come. We talked about prophets again. Estefany is still searching for her answer. We gave them an article to read from President Monson and then asked them to pray about it so they can have a testimony of modern day prophets. They were scheduled to be baptized this weekend but we are going to have to reschedule that.

Brother Bibbes is in a rut. We were thinking of ways we could help him receive an answer. We decided we wanted to talk about the word of wisdom and he did not like that. He wouldn't commit to live it and so we asked him to pray about it be he wasn't so sold on that either. We don't really know what else we can do at this point so please pray for us.

We are still helping and teaching Diane (the hoarder). She is having more and more questions about our church and so we are just letting her ask questions. She will come around one day. 

The first week Sister Burgess and I were together we met the Clark Family. They are looking for a church they all feel comfortable in. We taught them for the second time this past weekend and they are awesome. They are accepting everything we are teaching and keeping their commitment to pray about it. They were going to come to church yesterday but their nice clothes weren't clean and so they said they will be there next week. We are hoping they stick with it. We are meeting with them again on Saturday. 

We are teaching a guy by the name of Chris Evans. He was a referral that lives in the farthest part of our area so he is kind enough to come here so we can teach him. The first time we taught him in Taco Bell and that was very distracting. But he told us that he couldn't think of a time that he has felt God's love. So we told him to pray about it of course. The second time we taught him after church and so a lot of the members were there and talked to him. He felt really welcome and it was great. We taught about baptism. The importance of it, why we do it, and that we will be blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost so we can always feel of God's love. He said he wasn't sure if that was something he wanted to do. So of course we asked him to pray about it once again. This past weekend we had a ward activity and watched Meet the Mormons. We had everyone in the ward invite people and it was great! Chris came to that and enjoyed that as well. He feels loved here and I think that is what keeps him coming back. He came to all three hours of church on Sunday and then we taught him a lesson afterwards. We asked if he had prayed about being baptized and he had and received an answer. We committed him to be baptized on March 21st. We showed him everything we needed to teach him before he was baptized and arranged when we would be meeting so he can meet that date! We are so excited for him. He said he can feel God's love and that makes me so excited. That is why I love being a missionary!

When Sunday came around we still had 3 hours of tracting to do before we met our 7 hours of tracting. The weather was terrible but we were determined to do it! We tracted for about 2 hours while it rained. It was so cold, and we only taught one lesson. But we met our goal and that is all God asks us to do. We are expected to do everything we can to reach our goals and find progress in this work.

I am so grateful for this gospel and the blessing it has brought into my life. I am so thankful that i was raised knowing that the Lord loves me and wants me to succeed. I love helping those here in Clinton Mississippi find the truth and the light. I hope you are all doing well. I pray for you and love you. Don't ever forget what our Father in Heaven has done for you! 

LOVE YOU, Sister Erika Kelly 

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