Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transfers...and I'm a Trainer

Well it has been another crazy week! I don't have tons of time so i will just give you a recap of all our investigators. 

We met with Eduardo and Estefany twice this past week. Estefany wanted to see the quote from Joseph Smith where he clarifies about coffee and tea. So we started with that and she accepted it thank goodness. Estefany is a very strong feminist and she has been struggling with the priesthood ever since the beginning. Well she was doing some research and found an article about ordained women and that caused her to have a lot more questions. Thankfully we had a member with us and she was able to say just the right things. I was so stressed by the end of the lesson though. But before we left i felt prompted to commit her to living the word of wisdom and then promising that as she did that her concerns about the priesthood would be resolved. She committed to do it!!!!! And she has been doing it! Im so excited. When we went back for the next lesson she said she had been having headaches but still hadn't had any coffee. We shared with her D&C 1:38 and Amos 3:7 about the Lord working through his prophets. When we read that she pointed out that the word used was "servant". I think she is finally seeing that the prophet isn't just any man telling people what to do. But that he is tell the people what God wants us to do! 

Brother Bibbes is still doing really well too! He is still reading the Book of Mormon everyday and comes to church. He refuses to set a baptism date but we are working on it. ha They were suppose to move March 1st but they are moving back to April 5th so we have some more time to teach him :) 

Hanging out at the church waiting for vehicles for transfer day.

Elder Smally finally got his Visa so he could go to Australia

The only other exciting thing that happened this week was transfers. I am training Sister Burgess and was are going to have so much fun! She is from Utah and we graduated high school the same year. I got to see sister Brog and that was the best! I was so sad to say goodbye and have her going all the way back home. But i was so glad i got to spend a lot of time with her yesterday! 

I love you all lots!!! Thank you for everything,

Sister Erika Kelly 

Got to love the SOuth! 


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