Friday, December 26, 2014

The Ward Took Good Care of Us

Well hello everyone! It feels like I haven't written an email in a long time and so much has happened. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. And most importantly remembered Christ at this time of the year. I am so grateful for Him and all He has done for me. 

Last Tuesday we were at the Kersey's for dinner. They are all doing really well! The parents now have callings and are over Family History. They have a class every Wednesday which is about the same time as all the youth activities. So the whole family comes on Wednesdays and they are able to participate! We wanted to talk about temple work and how it is so important. We are really wanting them to work towards being sealed as a family. As we were talking Alex, one of the cousins, then asked when he would be able to be baptized for his dad. His dad passed away about three years ago and he wants to go and do his baptism work! We told him to talk to his scout leader and they could figure out a time when the youth are all going. It was so great to see how important it was to him for that work to be done! 

We also were able to stop by and see Xander this past week. They have had a lot going on the past few weeks and so we haven't been able to meet with them. But when we finally scheduled a time it was so good to see him and see the change of spirit in their home. The mission office had sent him a letter congratulating him on his baptism. He saw the Mississippi Jackson Mission on the outside of the envelope and he thought he was being called on a mission. He was so excited! We told him he better keep that excitement until he is 18 and can actually go! 

Christmas Zone conference was great! We didn't get iPads and don't know when they will actually be coming. But it was so great to see all the missionaries and President and Sister McDonough. The spirit is always so strong during those meeting and I am so grateful to be able to participate in them. My favorite part was when we talked about being rooted in Jesus Christ. If we aren't rooted in Him then we won't be producing the right fruit. 

Christmas Zone Conference

After the conference we went to an outlet mall and caroled. It was a lot of fun to sing about Christ. Some of the missionaries had made signs that said "He is the Gift" and they were able to talk to a lot of people. One guy tried to give us money!


Sunday we had two investigators at church! Tina and her son Dane. We met them in the hidden projects we found a couple weeks ago. Dane had been before but Tina never had. They said they both enjoyed it. We haven't been able to get in contact with them since but mostly because of the holidays. We will stop by again in the next couple of days. 

Ghetto Stop Sign

Monday was weird not having a p-day and working all day. But we met an awesome girl named Catherine. We also found a trailer park not too far from our house and that is where Catherine lives. She was willing to come outside and talk to us in the cold. She grew up religious but hasn't been since she graduated. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she invited us back the next day. She had read the chapter and really liked the verse all about repentance! She let us in her home that time and we were able to really teacher her a lesson. We explained to her that we were missionaries and that we were there to help her but that we were going to ask her to change somethings. She said she is willing and we are excited to continue teaching her! 

Tuesday we had an appointment and asked Sister Pierce to come with us. When we showed up they had left a note on the door and had to run to her parents house. So instead of teaching someone we went out with Sister Pierce and her two kids caroling. We went to a few members houses. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it. 

Christmas Eve was a crazy day! We went to Atlanta Texas so we could get the car from the elders and then on the way home we stopped in Texarkana. We had some errands to run and then had the chance to go see Sammy. She has moved out of the apartment she was in and is living with another friend. It is so much more room than where she was and we think she will be happier there. It was so nice to see the wonderful changes she is making in her life. I love her so much and am so glad I was able to help her to come to know of the truth. 

Visiting Sammy

That night we went to a members home. We had dinner, shot off fireworks, decorated cookies, and played games. It is so nice to be able to spend holidays with members. It makes it seem not so weird that I am away from home. The members have been so kind and loving this holiday season. They have really taken care of us. 

 Christmas Eve Cookie Decorating

 The Bush Family is so good to us!

Thank you to all who sent packages, cards, and goodies. You really did make the difference in the Christmas season. I love you all, and am so grateful for this gospel. Remember Jesus Christ in all that you do. If it wasn't for Him what hope would we have?
Love all y'all!!

Sister Erika Kelly 

 The YW from ES1 sent me the cutest package! 
Thanks for thinking of me!

 PJs from Gma Sharon
 Bum Saver!
 Fun stuff from Sis Slaughter!
 Gifts from Family

Loads of Book of Mormons complete with testimonies.  
Thank you to all who helped put this together for me to share with others.  

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