Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas is Right Around the Corner

So the beginning of the week we were on bikes. On Monday we each had packages delivered but they can't leave them at our door so we had to go to the post office the next day and pick it up. Well the package y'all sent was like 20 pounds! and i had to balance it on my bike handles so i could make it home haha it was a good time.

Our cute tree all decorated

On the 1st day of Christmas...we got decorations

The RS President bought us gifts.  
And there is the 20 lb package you sent 
next to the table.

Wednesday we had exchanges with the STL's. (sister training leaders) That morning we had district meeting so they just met us there and the rest of the day we worked. Because we haven't had much going on it was hard for us to plan enough to double work the area. I was with sister Welch and we tried so many people but no one was really in the mood to talk or listen. But that night we all went to the church. Bishop was there and we needed to talk to him about some stuff and then a member took us to Walmart. She bought us the matching pajamas for the party. We tried on some women's but they were all too short so we ended up getting men's. They are really comfortable.

This week we met a really cool guy name Shakeem. He was just walking around outside while we were tracting and he actually talked to us before we could talk to him. He is 23 and has two kids. We told him who we were and we asked if we could come back sometime and teach him. So he had us come back the next day. He lives with his girl friend but when we went back the next day she was gone and so we couldn't go inside. It was raining and cold but he said he still wanted to talk so we all huddled under his little pouch and taught him about the gospel. Sister Brog asked him what the most important thing is that he wanted to teach his boys was. He thought about it and then said.. Football. And we just sat there.. and Sister Brog goes, "That is the most important thing?" haha He said, "oh, no not the most important. I just want to live with my family forever, even after this life." It was really cool! So we taught him all about the plan of salvation and how we can receive the blessing of exhalation one day. He really enjoyed it and we are going back later this week.

Friday we got a call form President McDonough. He was asking how things were going and then he says, "I have a special gift for you two." He told us that we get an extra 200 miles for this month and that its just for us. Not the elders. So it is a secret! But we are so glad. We were going to be have to be on bikes even when we had the car just so we could make it to Shreveport twice this transfer. Our mission President is the best.

Friday night we went out with two sisters from the ward. We went visiting teaching with them and actually visited with Xander's grandma. We talked for a little bit, taught a principle of family prayer, and then were on our way. We invited them to the Christmas party and then they made it the next night. We were so excited!

Saturday was a crazy day. We still had quite a bit of tracting to to do for the week so that is what we started with. We met a nice man who had met with missionaries before and had a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said he reads from it every once and awhile. He invited us in but there wasn't a woman home. We are going to try him again this Saturday when we go out with a member.

That night was the Christmas party and it was a lot of fun! Brother Lewis was the conductor and he looked so good! They printed out golden tickets just like the movie and we made train tracks they had to walk on to get to the polar express. Sister Brog and I got to be the ones who passed out the tickets from our little booth. And then the conductor was waiting at the door to punch everyone's ticket. They bought a snowflake paper punch. It was so cute! The Young Women made hot chocolate and they played the hot chocolate song while they passed it out to everyone. They had a huge dinner with turkey and ham and all kinds of sides and desserts. We had a couple of performances from the kids. And they set up a projector and showed He is the Gift. 

Then to top it off all the kids made a train and we moved into the RS room that was decorated like the North Pole and Santa was in there. It was an awesome activity and a lot of people showed up. We invited Shakeem but he didn't make it :(

Sunday was a stressful day. Sister Brog and I spoke in sacrament and we were the only two speakers. I was able to prepare half of it during the day on Friday but had to finish after the Christmas party. I was really nervous I wasn't going to have enough prepared and I would leave Sister Brog way too much time. In fact i was so nervous i couldn't eat breakfast. It was ridiculous. But once I got up there everything went fine.

I had the opportunity to speak on Faith and Repentance. And that is what i want to end my letter with today. Faith is such a basic step in life. But it can't be faith in just anything. We must have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. As i was preparing i found a talk by Elder Hales i believe, that talks all about finding faith in Jesus Christ. He gives us 5 stpes: Listen to Gods word, Let is sink in to your heart, Hunger for righteousness, Keep the commandments, and Pray to know that Jesus Christ is our savior. When we do this we are able to strengthen our faith in our aspects of Christ teachings. And that will lead us to repentance. When we act on our faith our testimonies will grow and we will become more like our Savior. I know that Christ is our Savior and when we follow His teaching we are happier. I am so thankful for this Christmas season we have to think of Him even more. I love you all and hope you will always remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Thanks for all the support and love!

Sister Erika Kelly 


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