Friday, November 14, 2014

And It Makes Me So Happy

This week has been awesome! We have been able to teach a lot of people and it makes me so happy:) 

We started teaching a lady named Michelle. She is in her 50's and has been married 7 times.. Yes, 7 times but she is so awesome. She has been wanting to find a new home church and enjoyed the message we shared. We actually met her tracting and at first didn't want to talk to us. But we told her we would be quick! She invited us in and ended up talking to us for an hour. We were able to share the restoration and she really liked it. We loaned her a copy of the Book of Mormon and had her read the introduction. We went back two day later and she had read the intro three times as well as all the testimonies in the front. That morning she didn't feel well and was about to text us to not come over. Then she had the feeling to pray. So she prayed that she would feel better so we could still come. And she felt better! It was so awesome to see her exercise faith so well. We taught her all about baptism. Sometimes it becomes a touchy subject to talk about the proper baptism in the south. Because so many people have been baptized and then we come and tell them that it didn't actually count.. So we taught her that it needs to be done by the proper authority. She said that it made sense and that she would pray about it. If she found it to be true she committed to be baptized on the 7th of December!

Two Places at Once: Texas Arkansas Border

The beginning of the week we had rainy and really cold weather. Well Wednesday was the worst day. It rain alll day and we had to go out tracting. I realllly didn't want to go out and work but i have an awesome companion. We were on our way out and she knew i wasn't in the best mood. The pumpkin we carved for Halloween was still outside our door and need to be thrown away. She handed it to me and told me to throw it over the railing. So i did and it was lots of fun haha I went down and picked up all the pieces. Took them back up by our apartment and we tried to get them stuck in the tree. It was fun and helped me be in a better mood so i was ready to go out and work. 

So we went out tracting in this little neighborhood. Because it was raining no one really wanted to talk to us. But we met a girl named Felicia. She is 26, married, and pregnant. She invited us in and let us teach her the beginning of the restoration. We lent her a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked her to read Moroni chapter 10. We went back the next day and she had read it! So we went through and talked about it more. She was interested and wants to keep meeting with us. Later that week we saw her at Walmart and she came up to us. She was with her husband and introduced him to us. At first we didn't think she was that interested but we aren't going to turn away someone who is willing to read from the Book of Mormon! 

 We were able to go out and visit two less active sisters with their visiting teachers. It was awesome! The first one we met on Tuesday. She didn't have much to say about the church but we just got to know her a little bit and shared a message. The second lady we met on Thursday and she had lots of question about church. She hasn't been in over ten years and had people give her some false information. We were able to talk to her about them and challenged her to start reading the Book of Mormon again. It was great to be able to work with the sisters in the ward! 

We have still been teaching Liz everyday! She was having a hard time remembering what we taught so we got her a notebook and had her take notes in that. It has seemed to help a lot. You can tell she understands it better as well. She is still working on keeping the word of wisdom and we weren't able to start the stop smoking workshop this week so we pushed her baptism back to the 30 of November. The hardest part though is that her husband doesn't like her talking with us. He won't let her come to church. And if her husband won't let her be baptized we can't let her. The church is focused on the family and so if they are married, the spouse has to be okay with it. So please pray that his heart will be opened. 

Sammy still keeps in contact with us! She is doing great and loves living with Sister Gower. On Sunday she texted us and it was the best news ever. She had a really spiritual experience. She said she was crying and was happy at the same time. The elders explained to her that it was the spirit. She said she finally received her answer about the Book of Mormon. She knows it is true and wants to do everything she can to be baptized. She was so happy to find the truth and that she was going to do everything she can to endure to the end in faithfulness. It was sooo good to hear that!! The spirit just testified to me that this is what I'm suppose to be doing. It makes me so happy to know i was able to help someone, who i came to love, find the truth! 

Liz's kids have been collecting pecans for us for the past week. They have a big tree outside their house and they are all over New Boston. So we have also been collecting them. Well, we told them we would make them a pie so we got the recipe and made a pecan pie. We made one for us first to make sure it tasted good. Then we made another one for Liz and her family. Then we had more pecans so we made another one for us! It was lots of fun and the pie was delicious. I will have to send you the recipe. 
Shelling Pecans is Messy!

Pecan Pie  Mmmm

Saturday we ate dinner with the Caswells. They had asked us if there was anyone we were teaching that would want to come to dinner. Earlier that week we received a referral from It was a guys mom. He lived in Hooks, which is part of our area, and didn't know how to get a hold of the missionaries. He doesn't have a phone or internet so his mom just did it for him. We called her and got more information. We had his address and so we stopped by Wednesday but he wasn't there. So we talked with the man he is living with and gave him our phone number. Oh, his name is Jesse. He was baptized as a kid but has never been active. Later that night he called up from his roommates phone. We invited him to dinner with the Caswells and he said he was able to make it! He said he knew where it was and would meet us there. So we got to the Caswells and he never showed up. He called us during dinner and told his he couldn't find it. He was already back home and so we told him we would just come see him after dinner. He was sad he missed dinner but he was really nice. He has made a lot of wrong choices but wants to strengthen his relationship with Christ. We are meeting with him again tomorrow. 

Sunday was a good day! The lesson in gospel principles was on the law of chastity and i really didn't want to have to teach it. So earlier this week i called the man who is suppose to be teaching the class and told him i wasn't able to teach. So if he wasn't able to make it he need to find someone. He was there Sunday! That night we met with the Kersey's. They weren't at church because they didn't wake up on time. So we had a little come to Jesus meeting. We talked about the importance of church and that they all individually need to do their part to be up and ready for church. We also talked about their baptism date. They (the parents) kept putting it off and when we told them we might be getting transferred this week they decided to make a decision. So they are suppose to be baptized this Saturday morning! We are really hoping everything goes as planned. 

I love this gospel, the joy it brings me and the joy it brings those i teach. The Savior is the only way we can make it through this time. There are going to be hard times. Just like Christ had to drink of the bitter cup, we will all have bitterness we need to swallow. But Christ is an example and hope to us that we can all be happy. We can overcome the hard times and find joy once again in this life. 

I love you all and am so grateful for all the prayers and thoughts. Well this is the last week of this transfer and I can't believe it. This is all going by soo fast! You won't hear from me until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. But you will hear from me.

Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

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