Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween in the Mission Field

Another week has come and gone! It is so crazy how fast it is going.

Eating cereal in my mug because there were no clean bowls.  :)

Tracting on Halloween and came across this house. 
 The sign next to the legs says,
 "I Grounded the Teenagers on Halloween."

Um, they are all out of candy! What?!

 Sammy is all packed up and moved! We went over Tuesday and helped her pack everything in the kitchen up. She told us that everything we saw was all that needed to go plus her bed in the back. We thought, oh sweet! This will easily fit into a trailer and truck. Well we moved her Thursday evening and when we showed up the stuff that needed to be moved has doubled in size! I couldn't believe how much stuff she had in that tiny house. When the priesthood showed up we loaded as much as we could and there was probably still half of it in the house. We told her she was going to have to leave it and we would try to have someone else come get the rest the next day. So the next day we had Brother Woody (I will talk about him later in the email) bring his truck and we loaded that as well. And guess what, it still didn't all fit! So we packed as much as we could and told her that she would have to figure out the rest. Thankfully she wasn't mad or anything. The elders that are now going to be teaching her were there when our ward showed up to help unload. When we called the next day to tell them more was coming they said well that is interesting, there isn't room left in the apartment.. So i don't know what they are going to do with all of that stuff! Sammy came to church on Sunday so that was nice to see her :) But i am sad we won't be teaching her anymore. 

We were able to see Xander this week before we gave up the car! That was the most stressful lesson I have ever been in. We started talking with him just to see how things had been. Well, his Grandma was in the kitchen and came in and started arguing with him. One thing led to another and they started yelling at each other for almost 45 minutes. We sat there and just didn't know what to say or do. The grandma wants us to council him about dating. We told her that we have taught him what the prophet has asked and now it is up to him to make that decision. She wants us to force it upon him. We just kept saying that isn't our job and she finally let it go. We really want to have a lesson with just the grandma and let her know that the spirit isn't going to be in their home until they all start living the commandments best they can. And Xander isn't going to listen to what she has to say until she starts living the gospel. There was just so much anger in that house. I hope will figure out a way to help the spirit be their always. When we left the appointment Sister Brog could tell my head was about to explode because I didn't feel well and i was stressed. We took a break at Sonic and I was able to de-stress. She is the best! 

Mississippi Jackson Mission

The cute Pierce kiddos from downstairs came to trick or treat.

That same night we went to a member's house for dinner. We taught the kids about following the prophet and then played "The Prophet Says". It is just like Simon says. Their kids were crazy! we had to do jumping jacks and then they said do ten push ups and the dad was like NO pick something else haha We have a lot of fun in members homes. When we were leaving I saw my first possum! They are nasty things. It just looks like a large hairy rat. 

Wednesday was the longest day of my life. I felt really sick that day and so I was really out of it. That night was the trunk or treat in Texarkana and so we were looking for a ride. Well, our RS president lives in Redwater, which is close to Texakana, and was working in New Boston. So she offered to pick us up and we just went and tracted in Redwater that afternoon. I felt so sick! so we called her back and she came and took us to her house. Each family was suppose to bring a dozen cupcakes and so sister Brog made some for the RS president while I laid on the couch. The trunk or treat was a lot of fun though and we ate lots of good chili

Liz has been doing alright. We go and teach and she likes to visit with us but we feel like she just likes visiting. Our goal this week is to help her have that desire to be better and improve. Not just have visitors over everyday. She is still reading her Book of Mormon when we ask her to and we are suppose to start the Stop Smoking Workshop this Saturday.
Liz's crazy dogs

So we have been really trying to get the sisters to sign up for specific times that we can out and teach the less actives in the ward. Well it hasn't been working but this past week one of the sisters did! Sister Caswell signed up and she asked if we could go see the Kersey's. We told her of course and so we called the Kersey's and scheduled and appointment. We have been really trying to think of ways we can get them to realized how important it is to be at church every week. So we talked about how baptism isn't the last step we have been asked to take. And we challenged them to work as a family so they can get sealed in the temple. We are starting little and have asked them to pray every morning as a family. Having sister Caswell there was so nice. She was able to testify and the spirit was so strong! We talked to President McDonough and he has asked us to visit them at least once a week in their home. This is going to be hard because they live 14 miles outside of New Boston. But he said it will allow the members to step it up a little bit. haha he is the best! We still need to reschedule them with a new baptism date. 

So we don't get referrals very often and we got one this week! A member contacted us and let us know that one of her physical therapy patients had visited with the missionaries before and would love for us to stop by again. She is a 90 year old lady and just had hip surgery. We were on bikes and so typed it into the GPS and it was 6 miles away. But we really wanted to contact her, especially because she asked for us to come by. Well we biked out there and it was more like 8 miles! i was so sore and tired! We got off our bikes and we go up to the house. She was laying on this bed next to a large window and was talking to sister Brog through that. We couldn't really hear her and she was suggesting we come back at another time. I was not about to leave so fast! So i just opened the front door and went inside. I asked if we could just visit for a little bit but "she wasn't feeling up to it" and asked if we could come back later... So reluctantly we left WITHOUT  teaching her. I was so sad! We walked our bikes to the end of the driveway so she couldn't see us and I told sister Brog i wasn't going to get back on my bike until i could feel my butt again haha so we took a break and then started our 8 miles ride back. It was a really long afternoon!

We are really struggling to find people teach right now. But i know that the Lord is preparing those in this area and we just need to find them. This work is amazing and i am so grateful to be apart of it. God is our loving Heavenly Father and he will provide a way for His gospel to be spread.
I love you all and am so thankful for all the support! Hope you have a good week, and remember obedience is key! 

Sister Erika Kelly 

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