Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Kersey's got BAPTISED

This crazy last week of the transfer! Sorry this letter won't be too long. 

Biggest Leaf Ever


It snowed a little.  Brrr

Out tracting.

We have seen Liz a lot and she isn't really progressing. We are trying to think of new ways to help her be motivated but it hasn't been working. One day we went over and she was just having a bad day. It has been cold outside and so we were teaching her inside. There were soo many distractions and she wasn't really telling us what was wrong because there were so many people there. So i asked if she wanted to go on a walk so that is what we did. She just feels really overwhelmed right now. Her oldest daughter has a lot of health issues due to a car accident they got in when Liz was still pregnant. And her husband is not the best guy. He still won't let her come to church and yells at her a lot for having us over. But she said she is still going to have us keep coming. We just keep praying his heart will be softened. We also decided that we would make a calendar for her to look at. That way she knows what we will be teaching and what needs to happen before she gets baptized. 

The Cute Kersey Family

Guess what happened.... The Kerseys got baptized!!!!!!! It was so crazy. We went over Tuesday and taught their cousin, Selena, the lesson she missed. Then Wednesday we met at the church, finished teaching all of them and had the interviews. Well while the other kids were being interviewed we were talking to Selena privately and she told us some stuff that made things complicated. She didn't end up getting the interview and decided that she would wait, get things figured out, and then we would schedule another day. So then Sunday comes and everything is great. They were late to church and so that scared us a little bit, but they were all there. We had everything ready so it wouldn't be crazy like Xander's baptism. Well then during the third hour, while they were filling the baptism font, something happened. We could tell that it had to do with the font so we went out to see what the problem was. Well it was the coldest day yet and the water heater that heats the water to the font went out. So the water pumping into the font was freezing! We were boiling pots of water and dumping bowls of hot water from the kitchen. (there are two separate heaters). It was a crazy mess! But the baptism went on. The water was cold, but they were baptized :) Latasha is the youngest girl, she is 8. She was suppose to go first and was scared so she wanted to go last. Well she was so scared of the water she didn't end up getting baptized. Then after the baptism bishop was giving his welcome and told Latasha whenever she is ready she can be baptized. Well Selena, the cousin came up to us before we left and said, "The spirit was just so strong during the baptism i know that is what i want. I want to be baptized tonight." Ahhh We were so excited but it wasn't possible because she didn't have her interview. So we are hoping to do her baptism tomorrow night, along with Latasha's. She told her dad she is ready now! So we are hoping that all goes through. 

At our last district meeting.

Well i don't have much time to write much else i am sorry! But me and Sister Brog are staying together for another transfer! We are so excited.

Playing in Shreveport

More Shreveport fun.

I love you all! thanks for the support. Always remember your Savior loves you. He is always cheering you on :) Keep up the good work.

Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

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