Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Week of Lasts

Happy 18 Months to Me!

Well it has been a long week full of: How are you feeling? Are you excited? What are you going to do when you get home? Will you bare you testimony for us, it is your last time? It is so weird when you go home. Life is just so different. But you will adjust fine. Try not to think about it. We are going to miss you. How many days now? Needless to say, it was an interesting week. But a lot of good came from it too!

Tuesday we had my last zone conference, so i bore my testimony there. And it was really good. President taught the same thing as MLC so it was a lot of review but I still learned a lot. At MLC I try to focus on everything in a leadership way. Where as zone conference I could learn for myself.
Wednesday we had exchanges. My last exchanges as a missionary!!! and I got to be with my MTC companion, that was a lot of fun! She and her companion have been struggling in their area so we went and double worked. We brainstormed a lot of new ideas and then did a few of them. 
They have been trying to find service opportunities. They had visited the nursing home but didn't have a lot of success. They wouldn't give them the information they needed and kept telling them to come back. But Wednesday Sister Garner and I went in a saw a few miracles! First: We walk in and one of the first people we see is one of their investigators. They have had a hard time getting in contact with her and had prayed to see her today! Second: As we were talking we told her why we were there at the same time that the activities director walked out of a room. She told us that he was the one we needed to talk to. She introduced us and he was more then happy to have them come by. He showed them who the shut ins were but said they could come whenever and visit with anyone. It was an answer to prayer. Third: As we were leaving there was a group of people gathered in the main area and they were singing gospel songs. I recognized one of the songs from attending a church while I was in Richland. It brought back good memories! But at the end of the song, the man leading asked if either of us played the piano. Sister Garner does and so she played while we sang another song. He then went on and preached to these older people and I LOVED being able to be there. He told us we were invited to come every Wednesday at 2! So now they have lots of things to do there! 

Exchanges in Sandhill

The remainder of the day we spent with our companions. We went and did some chalk talk, and then picked up trash along the road. It was a great day, and we got to try a lot of different finding ideas. 

Sister Thomson and I

Sunday was another great day! I love that we have the opportunity to take the sacrament every week. A sister from our ward leaves for her mission this week so it brought all kinds of different emotions. She gave a great talk and will be an awesome missionary! We sang the EFY medley with the youth during sacrament and it sounded so good! For the third hour we had the chance to teach the Plan of Salvation to the mia maids group. I absolutely  love teaching that lesson. It brings so much clarity to everything we do in this life. I have been studying about the Christlike attributes from PMG. This morning I studied about being humble. When we are humble then we accept God's will. When we have better understanding of the Plan of Salvation then it helps us be more humble because we will be more trusting of His plan! 

That evening Logan, the girl leaving on a mission, had a ton of people over. We went over and got to visit with a lot of members of the ward. It was nice to be able to relax with people that we love. 

Good bye Logan

We finished the wonderful Valentines day with Blue Bell Rocky Road ice cream in cantaloupe, while watching Meet the Mormons. We cried and loved every minute of it. haha

I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are nothing without it. 
I love y'all!
Sister Kelly

Oh, and we got the Elders back! 

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