Monday, November 9, 2015

Members are Key!

This past week we were running all over the place! Tuesday we went on exchanges with our sisters in Columbia. Wednesday we were here but didn't get too much done. We had a ton of tracting to do and so we spent most of the day with that. It is so ineffective here. But we do it anyways. 

Thursday and Friday we were in Jackson for MLC. President Olson has now been here for 4 months.. i can't believe it. He has been able to see what he likes and doesn't. So this past MLC that is what we talked about. A lot of good changes will be made in the next few weeks. 

Sis Hill, Sis Kelly

We have all been companions with Sis Hill

Our Zone Leaders, Elder Hatch, Elder Stanford

Elder Beckstrom

Elder Steffenson

President and Sister Olsen with the leadership

Friday night we stopped at Olive Garden for dinner with the Diamondhead sisters. That was fun to be able to relax and enjoy dinner. 

Sis Hill, Sis Kelly, Sis Uffens, Sis Winkel at Olive Garden

Saturday we were on exchanges with our sisters in Hattiesburg. As i was talking with sister Scott we found a lot of things we have in common! She is the one whose dad is good friends with Robb! and then we were talking and she went to Snow and was in the same ward as my team! It was fun to talk about it all with her! 

Sis Kelly, Sis Scott, Sis Arbil, Dede, Sis Hill

Sunday was the best day of the week! Church was great, Dede was there again. She is so great! We love her so much, and she is doing so well.  After church we got lots of details finalized for the wedding, talked with the bishop, and then got to go out with a member. His name is Brother Norton. He had run into a friend, Zack, from high school and after talking about it his friend was interested in meeting with the missionaries. We drove over there and Zack's mom answered the door. She recognized brother Norton and they spoke for a bit. Zack wasn't home but after they talked to each other he was home. We got to know him a bit better and by the time we started the lesson Zack's mom and sister where also in there listening. They are a wonderful family! We had a great lesson about the restoration. Brother Norton had great comments. Zack was so ready and kept saying how he believes that he was reintroduced to Mormon's for a reason. We are meeting with him again on Wednesday in Brother Norton's home. We are really excited to see how it all goes. 

It was raining again on Sunday and we had about an hour of tracting left. After our lesson it was getting darker and colder. We said a prayer that we would be able to finish before it got dark, got out, and started knocking doors. Our first door an older couple let us in and talked to us for the hour we needed. They were really nice but not interested. But it was a huge answer to prayer! 

It's our tradition!  Tracting on Sunday in the Rain!

The wedding is on Thursday! Please pray that all goes well and that Dede and Joel love it! 
I am so grateful for the gospel and the wonderful joy that comes as we live the commandments. 

Love y'all! Sister Kelly 

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