Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Adventures

This week has been full of all new things. I have been on a mission for a year and there are still new things happening! 

Wednesday Sister Dutton and I actually spent most of the day together. We had to figure out our new boundaries. And getting that all worked out took way longer then we thought. So our companions went out and worked while we were at the library. We were glad that we finished though so we knew where to work!

Thursday was a long day! It was the first full day that I had to work in Richland without sister Dutton. I really had to depend on the Lord to know where we needed to go. This whole week has actually been that way. But it has really helped me focus on God and His work instead of what I think would be best. 

Before the new transfer started Sister Dutton and I went tracting and found this family. Cody and Heather, they have two kids and let us right in to talk. Cody was involved in a lot of evil things and then had an experience that made him change his life around. He loves God and has lots of questions. While he was changing his life he read almost every religious book ever written and so he had read the Book of Mormon. He said he believed it to be true but there was one part that he didn't agree with. It was some verse that said you couldn't repent.. So we told him we would go home and look for it and then come back. So sister Dobbins and I were able to go back this week. We told him that we weren't able to find the scripture and he said he wasn't either. Then he told us that while he was looking he had realized it wasn't in the Book of Mormon. He told us that they had had financial problems come up in between us coming and he felt impressed to read from the Book of Mormon. He felt the spirit, prayed about it, and knows that it is true! It was a great lesson! Later that week his son and nephew were having a birthday party and they had invited us. We stopped by for about 30 minutes and they were so excited to see us there. We are so excited to help their family find the truth! 

We also had the opportunity to start teaching a guy named Carl. We met him through Ada, the lady that is legally blind. She helped raise him and he is trying to get his life in order so she let him move in. He is 29 and hasn't made the best choices but really had the desire change. We had the chance to teach him three times this week. He knows that God is real and that Christ paid for his sins but he doesn't know how to better his life. We had given him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and asked him to do the questions in the back of the pamphlet. Well, there was some miscommunication so when we had come back he hadn't done the questions but he said he had read. So we asked him what he had read. He started talking about Nephi building a boat.... He had read up to chapter 19 in the Book of Mormon in two days and was understanding all that he read! I love watching as people catch the fire to continue learning about what God wants them to do! It is truly the best! We talked about baptism and he is wanting to be baptized to get rid of the guilt that he has. He came to all three hours of church and was able to meet lots of great people. One of his biggest trials is finding good friends right now and he was able to really do that Sunday. Our ward mission leader is his same age and picked him up for church so we are hoping they will become friends. 

Alexis and Michael were suppose to be baptized this weekend but we are going to have to move it. Michael has been coming to church and scouts on Wednesday. He loves it so much and is even going to participate in the primary program next week. He had his baptismal interview this last week and is ready to go. But Alexis' MS has been acting up so she has missed church the past two weeks and hasn't been able to get her interview. They aren't in my area anymore but the sisters are still working with them and will have to push it back a few weeks. 

Sunday was great to have an investigator in church and I had the opportunity to speak. I spoke on moving forward with faith. I always love preparing for talks and learning. I used the story of Peter walking on water throughout my talk. We know that Satan will tempt us but as we stay focused on Christ and allow him to help through this journey, all will work out. 

All in all it has been a great week! I am stressed but sister McDonough said one time, "If you're not stressed your dead. So good stress is good." I know that the Lord is hastening His work. I know that the south is ready for the gospel. and I am so glad i have the opportunity to help in this wonderful work!! 

i love y'all!!! Sister Kelly 

sorry don't have pictures this week :( but i will have lots next week!! Promise 

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