Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bad GPS!

This week was crazy! We started our week out with exchanges in Vicksburg. They are about an hour drive away when your GPS takes you the right direction. But when it doesn't take you the right direction you end up going through crazy small scary towns, driving over old bridges, and finally getting there two hours later! It was terrible. Thank goodness the drive back was much better and we were able to get home in an hour but we were way late getting home. 

The exchange was a lot of fun. I was with sister Elliot. She just got here at the beginning of the transfer and so i had a day to train a new missionary again! And the coolest part is that she came from Washington, and knows Treyden Ellis! He served in her ward and told us about each other. But we didn't think we would actually cross paths! 

Sister Kelly, Sister Bennett, Sister Elliot, Sister Dobbins

This week we have spent almost everyday with Carl and Ada! They never have anything in the evening hours which is great because that is sometimes the hardest time to fill. But we have been teaching the Restoration. We still haven't finished the whole thing because Ada likes to go off topic or Carl with have lots of questions. But I enjoy teaching them. Carl is really understanding the gospel. We taught about the apostasy, which is really hard for people to understand. I don't know if it is just in the South or everywhere but it just doesn't click for people. But Carl understood and asked, well then how did we get it back...?  It was a great moment! Carl came to church again and so did Ada this week! We went by earlier that morning and helped her get ready. 

Thursday and Friday we had MLC. That was great! and just what i needed. We talked all about unity. It is something we really need to strive for as a mission. The APs shared Genesis 11:6. The people were building the tower of Babel and even though it was a wrong thing to do, they were so untied that nothing could stop them. I really liked that. If they were so untied that nothing could stop them, think of the wonderful things we could do in our mission if we just all united together!

Elder Beckstrom and Elder Clyde in their matching ties

My new companion, Sister Dobbins

Saturday was rough! We went out to work and decided to walk so we could save miles. Well it was hotter then it had been for quite awhile and so I was just drained. I hadn't been feeling well as it was and so by the time we were finished walking I had to lay down. Sister Dobbins was nice and let me sleep for about an hour and then we went and finished the evening up. Well when we got home it smelled really strong of natural gas... Our apartment doesn't have anything run off gas so we didn't know what to do. After making what felt like 100 calls, we finally got things figured out. There had been some kind of leak but the city was aware of it. They said we would be fine to stay at our apartment but President Olson suggested we stay with the Florence sisters that evening just to be safe. So we packed really quick and then headed down to sleep. 

Church was great but i still wasn't feeling very well. When we got home we ate and then i slept. When i woke up i still wasn't feeling well. Sister Dobbins insisted that we call the mission nurse and she told us to stay in for the day. So we made it a bum day. i couldn't believe how fast it went though, and it was really nice to be able to relax. I think i made myself sick with so much stressed. But i am now managing it better! 

To top off the crazy week we got a letter in the mail saying that our car had a few recalls and we needed to take it in to the dealership. That is how we started our morning. They ran a few tests, ordered some new parts, and we will have to go back in the next week or so.

If anything, I learned the importance of unity and love this week. It is so important to align yourself with your church leaders, who should be aligning themselves with God. We must do all we can to allow our will to be swallowed up in Gods. Mosiah 15:7.

Love y'all! hope you have a great week, Sister Kelly 

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