Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Are You the Mormon Missionaries?

This was a really good week for us! 

Monday night we had a bout 15 minutes before we were going to see a recent convert. We decided to tract for a bit. The first door a lady looked out her blinds and walked away. The second door though a teenage girl came out. We were talking with her and her sister came out the door all excited, "Are you the Mormon missionaries?!" A little apprehensive we responded that we were. And she goes on to tell us that her and her husband were members. She had been baptized about two years ago in Georgia and they had recently moved here. She had been praying for a friend and help earlier that day. It is always so amazing to me how mindful Heavenly Father is of each of us. We shared a short message and then were able to go back the next day. Her name is Leslie.

Tuesday was one of the best days of my mission! We were able to teach lessons all day! That morning we decided to try two less actives that we haven't been able to get in touch with all transfer. Well we were able to meet with both of them. We now know when they work and when the best times to go see them are. They both expressed desire to come back to church and so we will be helping them make the steps to do so! 

After lunch we went and visited Ada, she is the lady who is blind. We had a good talk with her and might start teaching one of her friends. He is about 30 and is wanting to get into church! Later that day we went a visited Leslie. It was a very interesting lesson. We talked with her and her husband Austin for about 45 minutes. Well more like they talked to us for that long. They have had a lot of crazy things happen to their family. They are both young but have three kids that were taken from them. The story didn't really add up.. so we don't really know that story and we didn't have much to say. We reassured them that Heavenly Father loved them and was aware of their situation. We encouraged them to read the Book of Mormon again and start praying as a family. Well the cool part about this story is that the entire time we were talking to them, Leslie's mom was cleaning the house/ listening to what we had to say. I had planned to talk to her before we left but she ended up talking to us first. She was sweeping, stopped, looked at us and says, "Okay, what is this Book of Mormon thing anyway?" We were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon and some simple truths that have been restored. She loved it! We are going to start meeting with them later this week! 

That night we finished by visiting a less active. I don't know if you remember me talking about Connie. But that is who we went to visit. It was a really great visit. She has been coming to church regularly with her granddaughter. We are going to try to do  FHE with her and her daughter's family sometime soon! Her daughter is also less active. 

It was so good to have a day that we were able to really teach people (who were interested) about the gospel truths. 

Wednesday was a crazy day! We had to weekly plan because of other things that came up so we left the apartment at about 1:30. We had to clean our car for zone conference so we stopped by the library to ask where a good car wash would be. Well when we went back out to our car it wouldn't start.. We had to have someone jump start it and then we had to go to Firestone. Thankfully it just needed a new battery but we spent most of the afternoon waiting for it to be fixed. 

Alexis and Michael are doing great. We got to teach them on Thursday and Sunday. They are on track to be baptized. But we taught about fasting and they are both nervous to try it this up coming week. Alexis is also struggling without her coffee so please keep praying for them :) But they came to church and enjoyed it like always. When we talked to Alexis during the week she hated not being able to go to church the previous Sunday and said she would do everything she could to be there. 

Friday we had Zone Conference! It is always so good to see so many missionaries. We had a lot of fun. The previous night the sisters who were serving in Greenville came and spent that night because it was such a far drive. it was fun to get to know them better. We learned more about finding and we were reminded that the gospel is exciting! So we practiced being excited when we extend commitments instead of being so serious. It was a great reminder! 

Sister Dutton, Sister Kelly, Sister Nash

There are 6 missionaries in our mission from Las Vegas 
and we are all serving right by each other!  Crazy

I got to go on exchanges in Clinton this week! it was so fun to be back in that area and be reminded of all the fun times i had there. It is a wonderful place! 

Exchanges with Sister Morris, Sister Nash, Sister Dutton, Sister Kelly

Sunday night was a great end to the week. We went to Bishop Eady's house for dinner and it was delicious. We had roast with mashed potatoes and gravy! And they are always such wonderful people to be around. Great examples of what to strive for. 

I am so grateful for this gospel and for a loving God who is so mindful of us all! Never forget what our Savior has done for you! Love y'all so much! Have a great week :)
Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

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