Friday, April 17, 2015

Miracles Happen

This week has truly been amazing. We had so many wonderful things happen.
As a mission we have a goal to teach 2 lessons every Monday evening so that we can start the week off right and help us transition from pday. Well when it was time to go out and work our set appointments fell through and we didn't know where to go. We said a prayer and felt impressed to go visit a less active that lives in Pass Christian. It was a great lesson and her son in-law, who we had been trying to get in contact with, was there! He is not a member and had taken the lessons before. Right now he is really busy and doesn't have time to meet with us, but getting in contact with him was an answer to prayer. 

Well, on our way back to Bay St. Louis we felt like we should just stop by the Trammell's (the trucker, sam, and his wife, christy) home really quick. Sam was sleeping but Christy welcomed us right in! She was so excited to see us and we were able to share the Because He Lives video and talk about Easter. We were so excited!

Tuesday we didn't have any set plans but we went to Diamondhead and used the Area Book all day. We went through past potentials who had copies of the Book of Mormon. We would pick one to see and then stop by. We didn't actually get in contact with any of them we stopped by, but we would tract in the area and we were able to talk to a lot of people. It was a great day! That night we stopped by a less actives home, Lizetta Higgins. We had a great discussion with her about the Holy Ghost and scheduled to see her every Tuesday night.

Lunch in Diamondhead

Thursday we were able to contact a referral we received from church headquarters. It is a really young family who live in Pass Christian. They just got married and have a little boy. Lauren is the wife. Her sister and mom are both members so she has been around the church a lot. Her husband, Justin, know a lot from the internet... but the agreed to have us come teach them! They are wonderful. They let us right in and let us eat craw fish with them, it was a lot of fun! We are going back on Thursday.

After getting to know them we decided to tract in some government housing across the street from where they lived. There were three women sitting on their porch so we went and talked with them. April and Velisha are sisters and they were really interested. We taught them the Restoration and they had so many great questions! They loved the Book of Mormon and asked if they could each have a copy. We talked about the importance of baptism and they agreed to be baptized on the 13 of May! It was wonderful:)

Thursday i was on an exchange with Sister Frandsen. This is her second transfer so it was a lot of fun to be with her! 


Friday we had interviews with President is Slidell, Louisiana. Interviews are always great! I love being able to set new goals and talk to him how the mission is going. The Slidell elders had a baptism that night so we were able to attend that as well!  

Saturday we had another appointment with Christy. We brought a member with us and they got along great. Then we had a discussion about the pre-earth life and she loved it! She said she knew that we knew Heavenly Father but didn't realized that Heavenly Father knew us personally. We taught from the scriptures and she just ate it up. Before we left sister Hartley asked what she was thinking about everything we had taught her. She said,"I feel like what you are teaching is true. I think it will take root. I'm going to have a long talk with God these next couple of days!" She had said they were going to try and come to church but they didn't make it :( We have an appointment with them in the next week.

Later that afternoon we went back and tracted the same area that we met April. Across the street we met a Lady named Stephanie. She is actually a member and hadn't been to church since 1998. She invited us in and we were able to teach her and her 9 year old daughter. Sister Hartley pulled out the Restoration pamphlet and showed the picture of the first vision. Stephanie just started crying. She said it had been such a long time and it was good to see the picture again! Stephanie had said she felt like she needed to start coming back to church and us finding her was an answer! She said she is going to start coming back to church and agreed to meet with us so we can teach her daughter Kali!

Sunday afternoon we went with Sister Naylor to drop off food to one of her friends who is going through a lot. She is an amazing lady and before we left we asked if we could come back to teach her. She said she would love to! We have truly been blessed with people to teach this week! 

I know that the Lord loves us. I know that he is mindful of each of us and will bless us with what we need. These past weeks have been hard but i would do it all again for the week we had. The success we find to help people come to know the truth is worth it. 

I love this gospel! I am so grateful for the knowledge i have and the opportunity i have to share it. Thank you all for all the thought and prayers! They really make a difference. 

Love, Sister Erika Kelly 

At your service...

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