Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another week gone and I can't believe it!!

Alright another week has come and gone. I can't believe it! 

I love part member families! We went to teach a less active, her name is Kalen Spell. When we got there her sister and niece were there. They just recently moved in with Kalen. We were teaching about the apostasy and Kalen's niece, Morgan, had a lot of questions. She is 12 and hasn't been baptized. We have been teaching her this past week and it is going really well! She has a hard time staying focused and so Sister Bills and I went through each principle we need to teach and figured out object lessons we can use. I am really excited! When we were there for the third lesson Morgan said, "I'll get baptized when I'm 15." And I replied, "Well we could help you learn and you could be baptized in a month!" She didn't even have time to respond when Kalen's husband (not a member and some what against the church) said no, not until she is living the gospel one hundred percent. I sat there for a little bit and said, "Sir, Christ is the only one who could live the gospel one hundred percent. We are constantly learning and making mistakes. God doesn't expect us to learn everything before we are baptized. In fact it is impossible." He agreed with me and then still said well she isn't mature enough. So we are hoping his heart will be softened. He can't keep her from being baptized because he doesn't have any legal right to her but he has an effect on what Morgan's mom says. 

We are also teaching a man that comes to church with his wife every week. His name is Brother Bibbes. He hasn't been very interested in reading the Book of Mormon or learning about it but she asked him to and so he said he would. We went over and talked about where it came from and who wrote it. We gave him a copy and challenged him to read and pray about it. He said he would read it but that God would let him know if it was true, he didn't have to pray. So of course I read him Moroni's promise and made him promise me that he would pray about it! We saw him on Sunday and he said he has been reading! 

I have told you about Diane a little bit. She is the hoarder that we help. When the missionaries first knocked on her door she wouldn't let them in so they asked her to pray about it and see what God wanted her to do. When they went back she said that she felt like she should let them in. Well  that was 5 months ago, so this week we met with her and asked her to pray to know if God wanted her to hear our message. We reassured her that we would still help if she didn't want to, but that the message we share is so important to us. And because we care about her so much we want to share it with her!

So there are two families that make up most of our ward and one of them is the Boone family. Every Sunday for lunch the whole families meets at someones house to eat. The missionaries are invited but because there are three different companionship's we only go every three weeks. This was my first week. It was great food and then we got to share a message with the family. We talked about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and then challenged each of them to invite someone to church! They are a great family, it reminded me of being home with mine.

Happy Sunday

Eduardo and Estephany are doing great! We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was a mess! They had so many questions because we taught it in such a confusing way. When we went back though we were able to answer a lot of their questions and they now understand it. Thank goodness for the spirit haha They came to church again this week as well. They were going to stay for all three hours but Estephany has low blood sugar and didn't eat breakfast because they were running late. They had to go home so she didn't pass out but they said they would stay next week! We will probably have to move their date back again but that is okay because they are still doing what we asked. We just need more time to teach. 

The first week in the area was rough but since then we have really been able to pick things up. I love the opportunity I have been given to serve a mission. My mind set on life has completely changed. I am more focused on my Savior and what He would have me to do. He knows best and I am learning that everyday. He is our best example. Studying Charity has been great! The more I study and pray for charity the better the work is. I am able to truly love the people I meet. 
This gospel is amazing! Don't ever forget it. 

Love you all,

 Sister Erika Kelly 

 Sister Bills, Sister Black, Sister Kelly

Having a great time at the ward activity

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