Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keep the Prayers Coming

A couple weeks ago we had another woman come to church with her two grandsons. Her name is Valerie. She has been a member for a while and has been inactive. She wants to start coming back to church but doesn't have a car and lives in Hooks, about 15 minutes from the church. When we talked to her after church that Sunday she mentioned that she had a friend that might be interested in taking the lessons. So we decided this past week, since we had the car, that we would spend some time in Hooks. We stopped by Valerie's house and her friend was actually there. We were able to talk to them but then some family issues came up and her friend had to leave. But we started talking with Valerie again and found out her grandson, Xander, is 13 and wants to be baptized. We taught him the first lesson right then and went back two other times last week. I think he really does want to be baptized but he is still 13 and so we are doing everything we can to keep him engaged and interested. He is scheduled to be baptized the 18th!

Please pray for the Kersey family! They have had a lot come up these past two weeks and we haven't been able to meet with them. We are going to have to reschedule their baptism for later this month. But just keep them in your prayers! They are a great family and having more principles from the church in their home will strengthen the family as a whole. 

We have also continued meeting with Sister Daniel. I am not sure if I have told you about her yet. She is a less active in our ward and has a lot of health problems. About a year and half ago they found a tumor growing in her brain. Because of the location and size they aren't able to remove it. The right side of her body has since been paralyzed and she is confined to a wheelchair. But visiting her has really seemed to lift her spirits! We love watching Mormon messages with her! She is really crafty and so this past week she invited us over to make soap. She has had this soap kit since before everything happened and now she can't use a stove so she asked if we wanted to help. It was so much fun! She had lost the directions and so we were just experimenting but it was a lot of fun. We got to pick the scent and if we wanted to add color to it. They turned out really cute and we all got two bars of soap. 

Sammy! This week we got a member to come to one of the lessons with her and it went really well. The member that came with us, her name is Sister Hall. She is a recent convert and so it was cool to have her bear testimony to Sammy. The spirit was really strong!  Sister Hall also gave Sammy a ride to the morning session of General Conference. She really enjoyed it. And I am glad that she was there for President Uchtdorf's talk about receiving personal revelation. We are having her reread/listen to it so she can implement it in this experience. We also had the opportunity to share the Word of Wisdom with her this week. She wasn't a huge fan of it. She likes her occasional glass of wine, bottle of beer, cup of coffee, and cigarette.  But she really doesn't want to give up her traditional cup of tea before bed. But we told her to pray about it. When we asked her if she had received an answer about modern day prophets she said no. We asked her how she was praying and then we realized our mistake. She was praying for wisdom and understanding. Well that could mean 100 different things! So we told her that specific questions receive specific answers! She also wanted to move her baptism date from the 26th to the 24th. We aren't sure why but she does and we aren’t going to argue!  

Funny things that happened this week! 
  • There was a really bad storm and so while we were grabbing a few things at Walmart the lights kept flickering on and off. They told us we all had to go to the front of the store and check out because they didn't know how long the registers were going to stay on. 
  • Sister Brog loves green smoothies! she has one almost every morning. Well the salad she was using was about to go bad so she asked if I would like use it. I agreed and so she told me what to put in my smoothie and then blended it. I have never tasted something so awful! I was sick for the rest of the morning. But it was healthy...
  • Sister Brog has acquired a friend that found her on Mormon.org. He writes her letters and emails. But this past week he sent her (and me) a package for Halloween. It was fun! It was full of candy and Halloween decor so we had fun decorating our apartment.  
  • We went to the Pierce’s for dinner on Sunday.  Their kids have to finish their salad before they move on to the main food. Their little boy who is three was having a hard time finishing but he eventually did. (their table is really small so we eat on the couch and the kids eat at the table) About 20 minutes after he had finished his salad his older sister found a bowl under the table. Instead of actually finishing his salad he had just slid the bowl under the table! How sneaky. 

Well I love you all so much! I am thankful for the support you give and all the prayers. They really are helpful, please keep them coming. I love this gospel and the opportunity we have to be blessed with the knowledge of the entire truth. God is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows us all personally and I know it. When we are following Christ's path we are blessed. The trials don't go away but we are able to strengthen ourselves. And He is always there to help us. 
I love you all!

Sister Erika Kelly

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