Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keep Preparing...

Hello everyone!

Best Sign Ever!

Wednesday was a long day! All of our appointments fell through last minute so we were looking for things to do. That is never fun! But our neighbors, the Pierces, are moving to the apartment below ours. The one next door to us only has one bedroom so they had all four of them staying in one room. That afternoon we came home trying to call people to teach and she was moving stuff to the new apartment so we changed out of our skirts and then helped her. She had a lot of furniture she couldn't have carried by herself so she was very grateful we stopped by. We were so glad they were only moving below us and not leaving the building. They are the nicest family! 
The cute Pierce girls park their bikes next to ours now that they live downstairs.  Cutest

Sammy was sick at the beginning of the week still but when we stopped by on Friday she was all better! She had gotten ready, cleaned her house, and was herself again! She asked us what the Doctrine and Covenants were and why everything kept referring her to it. So we explained what it was and then brought her a copy the next day. She was thumbing through it and had a couple of questions. I don't remember what her question was but we said something about a modern day prophet and that was not something she could understand. She believes the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. But she said she would pray and study to know the truth about modern day prophets. It was perfect! We didn't even have to ask her to pray for an answer, she wants to for herself. and she knows that is how she can receive an answer. Later that night she came to the Women's Broadcast with us. We watched it at the church on a little TV. But she really enjoyed that! Her favorite speaker was president Uchtdorf which was even better. She is going to come with us again this up coming weekend for the rest of conference. We are really excited! She hasn't gotten her results back yet for ALS so keep praying for her.  

We didn't get to see the Kersey family at all this week. Brother Kersey is testing for the police academy right now and i guess he had a really rough week. And then on Sunday 3 of them were sick. We are hoping they are all better this week so they can really be ready by the 19th for baptism. 

Sunday we had an investigator at church! His name is Trey. We found him tracting two weeks ago. He said he was going to come last Sunday and when we went to visit him right after church he just had a bunch of excuses. But he just showed up this week! It was awesome! He just walked in by himself and sat down. So we moved and sat by him. He enjoyed testimony meeting and said that he wanted to come back. When we told him about general conference he was really interested! So we are hoping he comes again this weekend! 

While we were tracting we met a girl named Rose. She is living with her boyfriend David and they are so awesome! They have recently felt like they needed to start going to church so they started going to a baptist church near by. They don't believe in coincidences and they know that we were led to their door. We left them a copy of the Book of Mormon and are meeting with them again this week. 

The members fed us a lot this week! And that was really nice. We don't want to be out when it is dark and it allows us time to get to know the members. The Smallwoods took us to Olive Garden and it was the best. They are one of my favorite couples in the ward! She is so funny and he is really quiet but we really enjoy our time with them. They were the first ones to take us out when we got to New Boston. 

Sister Brog's invention: Nutella Cookie Dough Quesadilla

Saturday morning we got a call from a member in the ward and invited us to a service project. It was actually the bishop's son's eagle scout project. We redid the soccer concession stand. They had to replace a wall, two counters, paint the inside (they bought the wrong paint and had to get more), and fix the roof. It was more work then they had expected. We stayed for two hours and then had to go out and work. 

I am sure you all have heard of the movie the church is coming out with on October 10th. It is called Meet the Mormons and it provides an amazing opportunity for missionary work. Please tell people; everyone you can about it! and then go see it! The more people who see it the more popular it will become. What a simple way to share something that means so much! 

Lastly, I have been studying a lot in Alma, all the war chapters. I love how prepared Moroni is. Even when the Lamanites aren't attacking, they are preparing. What an example! This is Satan's time to tear us down and we need to be using every possible opportunity we have to pull him down! I love this gospel and know it is the ONLY true church on this earth. It it for everyone. God loves us unconditionally. He loves us for who we are right now at his very instant. All he wants if for us to be happy and when we keep the commandments we can obtain that great happiness.
I'm so thankful for all the love and prayers you all send my way. 
Love you,

Sister Erika Kelly 

Mailboxes in the South

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