Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's me!!!

Hey, things are going soo well. I am loving the MTC and i have only been here for a day. My companions name is Sister Garner and she will be going with me to Mississippi. Im actually in a trio because another sister in our district, her companion never showed up on Wednesday. Her name is sister Johnson. She is from Illinois and is going to Missouri. There are two other Elder companionships in our district and they are all awesome. 


Last night we were able to split into groups of about 50 and teach some investigators. It was the coolest experience and i am so excited to continue to learn and grow. I was surprised at how much i have already learned. The spirit is so strong here and it is the best environment to learn how to teach the true gospel of Christ. 


Quick stories because i dont have a ton of time... while i was walking up to enter the MTC with my host i ran in to Elder Demill (Idk if that is how you spell it) anyway got to talk to him for like two minutes. I still havent seen Kaiden though so that is kind of crazy. As for Sister Winkle (the one from Snow) i saw her today for the first time. We aren't in the same district which is weird but im still so excited to get to know her!! 


I met someone that knows Madi, another girl who was roommates with Mikaela Winterton and Mislan. And then this girl who knew a ton of people from snow.


We arent allowed to call each other "guys". We are suppose to call each others elders and sisters. One Sister on the MTC presidency said that the "guys" aren't in the MTC, they are all at home dating your girlfriends. It was pretty funny! 


I have to go and won't be able to write till next Thursday. So i love you all!!


Sister Kelly (still getting use to that)


sorry the letter is so crazy! 


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