Friday, August 22, 2014

1 Week at the Provo MTC

Yay it's PDAY!!! okay, where to begin?? I have only been here a week but every day feels like a month! I have learned so much, it is amazing to see how far me and those in my district have come in such a short amount of time!
Well I was able to see Kaiden Thursday night and talk to him. I saw him a couple times but he left on Monday! Sunday all the sisters meet for Relief Society and Sister Eddington found me. It is so nice to see a face that I recognize sometimes. Sunday night we had a devotional and Mackenzie (or sister Bruggeman) found me in this huge crowd of missionaries. We got to talk a lot before the meeting and then got to take a picture afterwards. Soo kind of crazy I was in the cafeteria a couple days ago and the elder standing next to me looked really familiar. When I looked at him closer I realized it was Ryan Meservey! We were able to talk for a little bit. He has been her for 6 weeks and still has 3 weeks to go, I felt bad. Missionaries are so sick of the MTC by that time and I could tell he was ready to be done here.

Sister Bruggeman & Sister Kelly

Our district it awesome! We have all become really close and really do treat each other like brothers and sisters. Me, Sister Garner, and Sister Johnston all get along really well and teach really well. We have definitely been blessed.  We are all going to Mississippi except for Sister Johnston. She is going to Independence Missouri, visitors center. We have another district in our zone and guess where they are going... Las Vegas! So you have to look for them. I have a picture attached and I will get all of their names before we leave so you can look for them. They are all way awesome! Our Branch presidency is amazing as well. The second councilor introduced himself and said, "I would kill tigers for my wife." It was adorable! hahaha

Elders headed to the Las Vegas West Mission

MTC District

MTC Zone

Sister Kelly, Sister Garner, Sister Johnston

My time here has been so awesome. The only time I was really struggling was on Saturday morning. I just felt like this was going to be too much and I wasn't suppose to be here. But after personal study I was able to refocus and get past it. They really kick you into teaching as soon as you get here! So we have already been teaching two women. The first one is Cindy. Now Cindy isn't actually an investigator, she is actually our teacher but she is pretending to be an investigator that she taught while she was on a mission. So even though she isn't actually going to be baptized it is a good practice and we have really come to love Cindy as a real investigator. She has started praying and our last lesson we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! yes, it's not real, but still exciting we were able to get to a point of baptism. 

The second lady we are teaching, her name is Sarah Mae. So the MTC has workers who are either recent converts, inactive members, or non-members that we have the opportunity to teach. At first me and my companions thought that she was just playing a role and was actually a member but after the second lesson we found out she really isn't a member and it has been so fun teaching her. We were really struggling teaching her but she started eating lunch with us and our relationship with her has been growing. We actually taught her today and it was the best lesson ever. She has been having a hard time trusting God and so hasn't been praying. She was refusing to move forward. We found out she loves to sing and that when she is singing she feels like God is actually listening. Long story short we got her to commit to pray and today she finally did! AND she felt the spirit. Then we were talking about baptism, challenged her to baptism... she didn't say no or yes, but that she wants to know more. So we are really excited! 

Me and both my companions were called to be the Sister Training Leaders in our branch and so we were able to meet the new missionaries yesterday. They are all going to be amazing missionaries and I am so grateful for the chance I have to be able to help them with whatever they need. 


I loved all your letters!! Harrison i am so excited that your retreat went so well and can't wait to hear about how amazing your senior year will be. I am glad you are still rocking the pink phone case ;) it's like a part of me is with you hahaha  

Jman... You're going into hs... that is still hard for my brain to comprehend. But you are going to love it! you're way more confident then I was at that age. 

Mom!!! i love you lots and loved reading about all your adventures. I miss being home and hanging out with you. And YES i get to call home at the airport. I have already bought my calling card. We leave here at 4 in the morning so i am not sure what time i am going to be able to call but it will probably be around 6:30 your time. Can't wait to talk to you all!! 

Tess... i like you! and love you! you better say it back ;)

Dad! I am loving the MTC just like you did. It is such a spiritual place and i can't believe how much i have learned. 

I attached some photos! The big group is my zone. The small group is my district. The group holding up LV are all the Elders going to the Las Vegas Mission. Of course me and my comps. And then Sister Garners family each sent us a bag of candy.. so good!! The picture of the door is of the sisters that came in yesterday. haha we are crazy. I feel like i have left so much out but i love you all so much and know that our Heavenly Father loves you too!! I just want to leave with you all with a quote, "The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies those He calls." I know that is true. I know without Him and the Spirit there is no way I would be able to learn as much as I have in such a short time. I am so grateful for this work and that I get to be a part of it.

Love you all,
Sister Kelly 

Mmm, Sugar from the Garners





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