Tuesday, July 28, 2015

21 Already...

Oh where to start...I am hoping this will be a good email, but i am extremely tired! 

I'm 21!!

Feeling Spoiled!  Thanks to all of you that made my day the BEST!

My Birthday was fabulous! We woke up that morning and opened presents! It was so much fun:) i am so thankful for everyone who sent cards and packages. I really was loved on my birthday. 
For lunch sister Garry took me to a place called Asian Paradise and that was fabulous! Such good food and a good birthday treat. 


(I have a joke with sister garry, and i always would say "A sock! Dobby is Free!" and so she put that in my scriptures haha she found the sock on the side of the road, took it home and washed it.. she is so funny!)

That afternoon we went and taught this guy named Stephen. He is about 75, lives alone, and has no AC... i don't know how he lives. But he is fun to talk to! Ill send some pictures of him!

Stephen was saying he didn't want to smile because he didn't have any teeth and he would look ugly!  Impossible!  He is the cutest old man!

Then we went out with Leighann and got some Snowballs (snow cones)

That night we went to the Shields home and that was a blast. They made lasagna! and then the chocolate cake you had sent! They decorated and sang and we got to sing with the kids, it was just so much fun to be in a members home! 
I continued to get mail everyday until i left this morning. It was the best!

 The Shield's for dinner

Wednesday was a lot of fun as well. We had District meeting that morning. They were all excited for lunch! It was the best. Thank you for making that day so fun:) Best Parents award! We had a ton of left over cake so while we waited for the food to come out we ate the remaining.  That night we went to our ward correlation and sister Naylor had brought more cake.. woof! i was so full but it was delicious!

District Meeting and lunch brought to you by Mom and Dad. (More Birthday fun)

That day for district meeting we talked about additional inviting which is just going up to people on the street or in the store. Well we had an opportunity to right after the meeting! We have been praying for chances to talk to our loud angry neighbors and we had one. We were leaving our apartment and he was sitting in his truck. We went to walk over, he rolled down his window, and says, "Hey are y'all missionaries?" "Yes! We are." "Sweet, I am a Mormon!" .... Me and sister Garry did NOT see that coming! He grew up in Idaho and stopped going to church when he was about 16. He hasn't been religious since but said we could come and meet his wife whenever. So I believe they are going to try to teach him and his wife. 

I honestly can't remember what happened Thursday.. sorry i am sleep deprived right now.

Friday night the Naylor's had us over for dinner and their three grandsons,Nathan, Cameron, and Jayden, were there. They were 7, 6, and 2 We got to know them and just messed with them. Sister Garry raced them but i didn't want to do it in a skirt. So we challenged them to another race the next day at the Pioneer Day activity.

 The Naylor's
Sister Kelly, Nathan (Naylor's grandson), Sister Garry

Saturday was so much fun! The Pioneer activity started at 11 but we were short on tracting so we had to get thirty minutes done before we went. The very first house we went to was Mr. Jim. He knew the Sones (a big family in our ward) and we were able to talk to him for the entire thirty minutes. A blessing from the Lord! He had only good things to say and we got to talk about Christ. My favorite thing! 

We headed to the park where the activity was. It was a stake event so most of the missionaries were there. It was so fun to have everyone together. It was SO hot though. After about an hour sister Garry and I went and changed into our pday clothes so we weren't quite so hot! I forgot how much of a difference that makes. They had one of those blow up water slides and me and sister Naylor went down it! haha it was so much fun and it really cooled me off! They also had a splash pad that we went and ran around on. It was fun to be around a ton of the youth from the stake. And they love the missionaries, which makes it way more fun for us! 

They had water balloons too, all the kids started attacking sister Garry. It was pretty funny! Right before it all ended we went and raced the Naylor's grandsons. I kicked butt! We spent a lot of time with those boys and it totally helped bring people closer to Christ. I'll explain later.. 

After the race we went and checked our phone. We had a missed call from President and so we went to call him back. I got transferred! I am now in STL in Richland, Mississippi. It is really close to Clinton so I will get to go on exchanges there. I'm really excited! My companion is Sister Dutton. She is also from Las Vegas, and was baptized 2 years ago! 

Well right before the party was about to end we went to get a Snowball. We were in line and there was a young girl behind us that came up and start talking to us like we knew her. We just figured she was from another ward until we realized who it was! Do you remember the 7 year old we tracted into who asked us "if God created us, then who created God?" Well it was her! Mia! The park that we were at had camping sites and so there were a lot of other people there. Her family happened to be there camping! They had been out of town and we haven't been able to meet with them. Well we got our snowballs and then went over and got to talk with Mia's mom, Teresa, again too! She was excited to see us and we just talked for a bit. After talking for a bit we found out she was our mail lady! She was like "Sister Kelly you get a lot of mail!" haha They were able to set up an appointment and I had to say goodbye. But it was such a miracle that we were able to meet up with them in that way. Side story! I went to check the mail on Monday and i had a mini package. Teresa and Mia wrote me a note and put it on my package! It was so cute!

Saturday night it started to rain and we were nervous that we weren't going to be able to tract more. We prayed that it would subside until we had tracted an hour. Well it did and we were able to teach two awesome lessons! The Lord is so mindful of each of us!

Sunday was another great day. Sister Garry spoke and did such a great job. We also sang in the choir. We sang pioneer songs and that was a lot of fun! Church was good, i just love being able to feel the spirit. 

That afternoon we stopped by and went to see Leighann. She had contacted us earlier in the week and said that she didn't know what to do. That she wanted her own experiences so she didn't have to depend on others. I really hope that she takes the effort to do that. Especially with school starting soon, her time will be really limited. But i know it could bless her life. Anyway! We got to talk, shared a scripture and then had to say goodbye.. :( I will miss her a lot. 

That night we went to the Clowers' for dinner. We got to help cook and cut up a lot of veggies. It was so yummy! I need to do better and including those into my diet. After dinner we went and finished our tracting. Everyone was so rude! and didn't want to talk. Then we met a really nice older couple who let us in. They are both retired and have a huge garden in the backyard. It was so pretty. We shared a short message and then were on our way. It was good to end our tacting on a good note. 
To finish the night off we went back to the Clowers' and they took us on a Jeep ride. It was the best! There was a storm coming so we went down to the beach and drove along their hoping to catch it.. but we didn't :( It was still a ton of fun! I love the Clowers' they are such a great family. 

 Jeep ride with the Clower's

Monday was a stressful day. I had to pack and it just was not fitting! I was trying so very hard... But by 5 we left and went to go see the Grover's. We played games with their kids and had a mini FHE lesson with them. Then we drove home and went to the Patrick's! We played a fun game called Tater Hole. It was something Brother Patrick's family made up and it was a ton of fun! I was so lucky to be surround by wonderful people! 

The Grover Clan

The Patrick's

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. It really has brought me so much peace and joy! Know that i love you and i love this work! Stay strong in the faith my friends and family!

Love you! have a fabulous week! Sister Kelly 

 Sister Fresh, Sister Kelly
 The Best Missionaries Ever

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