Monday, May 18, 2015

Estefany and Eduardo...SURPRISE!!

So many crazy things have happened this week!

Monday we prepared for transfers. Tuesday I sent off Sister Hartley so she could go home and see her family. I heard from her today and she is doing great! Sister Garry got here later that afternoon and we have had a ton of fun this past week. 

Wednesday and Thursday we spent a lot of time tracting because we had MLC later that week. 

Friday we drove up to Hattiesburg and met up with the STL's there. Then we went with them the rest of the way to Jackson. MLC was really good. We talked a lot about the Doctrine of Christ. I loved it! We are not missionaries to increase the membership in the church. But we are here to help people gain eternal life! And that is way more motivating then just having another name on the roles. 

Saturday after our meeting ended we got to go to Clinton. Eduardo and Estefany got baptized and I got to go! I didn't tell them i was coming and it was great! We walked in during the opening song. I snuck up and sat right behind them both. When they stood up to go into the baptismal font i just pulled on Estefany's sleeve. She was so excited to see me and gave me three hugs! it was amazing to be there. I love seeing people enter into such an important covenant. 

I hope y'all had a wonderful Mother's day! I love my mom so much and would die without her! Thank you for everything you do for me mom. You are AMAZING!  

Love y'all lots! Sister Erika Kelly

Elder Hendrickson is a goof. 

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