Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Showin Off"

Hello Family :) 

So this week has been crazy busy! We went on our two last exchanges for the transfer. The first one was really stressful. EVERY appointment we had fell through and we didn't get to teach anyone. It was so stressful. But the other one went really well. We were able to stay busy all day! 

Wednesday we had a miracle. We needed to do some tracting and Sister Hartley felt like we should tract in an area we had just recently found. We got to our fourth house and the door was open. Two dogs ran out of the house and started barking at us. We almost didn't go up to the door because of it and then this lady came out. Her name is Misty and she invited us in! We started talking to her a little bit about who we were and what we do. We asked if we could share some of our message with them. She really wanted to hear and invited her brother in to listen as well. His name is Joseph. They are both in their later 20's. Both of them have been going through some really hard times and they kept saying how us coming was an answer to their prayers. At one point Joseph looked up and said, "You are just showing off now!" haha it was great. They had a lot of questions. We taught to their needs and it was a great lesson. We taught mostly about the Book of Mormon and they loved it! They were so excited to know about another record of God's word. They asked if they could buy it at a Christian store. We told them we would just give them a copy and then explained why they couldn't get it in the store. Well they wanted more because they wanted more for their sisters!  We went back to their house on Friday and taught the full Restoration. They were so excited to hear about Joseph Smith and about prophets today. We are going back this up coming Wednesday to teach a group of them about the Restoration. We are really excited! 

I love this work and this gospel. It is amazing to teach the gospel and watch it touch their hearts. It really does change lives. Heavenly Father loves all of his children and is mindful of what we are all going through. I love y'all! 

Sister Erika Kelly 

FHE with the Clowers 
(These pictures were sent to us from Sister Clowers.  So thoughtful.  Make a missionary family's day and send them a picture of their child next time you have them over or even see them on the street.  It's the best!)

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