Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Away from Home...Weird

Well this week was definitely interesting. Being away from home on Thanksgiving was weird! And i can't say i would like to make a habit of it haha but we did have fun with some of the members. That morning we woke up and went to Texarkana so we could play in the Turkey bowl with the ward there. It was a lot of fun, i am glad we went! They had a lot of members and investigators come. We had probably 20 people on each team so that was interesting. Especially because we didn't know any of them but it was still fun. Our team won!! 
Turkey Bowl with other missionaries

We got back home got ready and then went downstairs to the Pierces for lunch. She is from the Philippines and this was her first thanksgiving meal to cook. It was really good! We had turkey and mash potatoes and gravy and lots of pie and sweet potatoes and salad. It was great! We stayed there for quite awhile and then went back upstairs.  
Our Thankful Headbands with the Pierce's

We were so exhausted so we took a nap for about an hour and then got up and left for our next appointment. That was in Texarkana and so it took us about 25 minutes to get there. The GPS took us some crazy way and we thought we were lost! But we did eventually get there:) We ate with the Grant's extended family. They were so kind and just invited us right in like family. They aren't members and so they had lots of questions about missions. It was great! On our way out their grandma ran out and gave us a each a pair of Christmas gloves :) We might go back for Christmas dinner! 
I filled in the Turkey Ticket you sent me.  Phew


When me and sister Brog were planning what to teach this past week and going though all of our investigators we felt we needed to make some changes. We really enjoyed visiting with Liz but she had gotten to a point that she wasn't keeping commitments so we had to drop her:( We told her that when she is ready to change she can call us and we will come over but that we couldn't come see her everyday. That was hard! I just really hope she recognizes the difference when we don't come by

We were only able to teach Adrian once this week because he was in the hospital so much but we were able to stop by and just visit for a few minutes. We are going by again tonight to teach him. He is awesome! He had a lot of questions about some of our beliefs so we answered those our first time. Tonight will be our second time teaching him.

I am so grateful for this gospel! In this Christmas season i hope all of you will do your part in sharing the gospel. If you got the Ensign i know you have seen this but please share the gift! He is the gift. #sharethegift

Chalk Talk in the Park

Love you all!!

Sister Erika Kelly 

My Christmas Decorations
12 Days of Christmas from home.  Thanks family!

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